Derrick Rose and company own the top seed and home court throughout the eastern conference playoffs and will start their title run against the Pacers who shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Postseason is a “new” season all teams start off 0-0 and Indy can score in bunches with the best of them, remember the 21 straight made FG’s against Denver? Some consider this an easy out for Chicago, but Indy takes Chicago to 6 games and Bulls still move on into the 2nd round.  Rose continues his MVP performance with a excellent series, Boozer and Noah prove to be too much down low against McRoberts, Hibbert and Hansbrough and Bulls suffocating defense takes a toll on the Pacers. BULLS 6 – PACERS 2


Two teams moving in opposite directions, Magic has been playing great as Hawks just keep slumping and looking like they don’t deserve to be 5th seeded team.  This series will look a lot like last years matchup when Orlando brought out the brooms and swept Atlanta, Magic sporting a different team but same result, as I don’t see Atlanta winning no more than 2 games against Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.  Orlando has to show they have what it takes to get back to the finals or risk losing Dwight Howard in free agency.  Howard has to watch his technical fouls so he doesn’t miss any games; Magic roll in 5 games and get ready for the Bulls in the 2nd round.  MAGIC 4 – HAWKS 1


I’m glad the Knicks are back in the playoffs, newly look roster with stars in place against the defending eastern conference champs, Boston Celtics.  Lay out the red carpet for this series as the stars are aligned and can’t wait, it’ll be Melo’s first playoff on a new team and in the east alongside running mate Amar’e.  This will be a battle of 2 different worlds, one plays lockdown defense and the other is a run and gun offense that plays defense when they want too.  Can the Knicks upset and advance? I say the basketball Gods want that to happen and it will, Melo carries the Knicks on his back to a grind it out, hard fought and physical 7 game series. Billups championship leadership helps keep the Knicks sane and mentally tough for the game 7 victory, Shaq will prove useless again and the Celtics are definitely missing the inside presence of Kendrick Perkins.  KNICKS 4 – CELTICS 3



The Heat are on a roll and although they haven’t put everything together just yet, LeBron and Wade will be too much for the 76ers to handle and they’ll look to take care of business right away as the Sixers will be lucky they win 1 game.  All eyes will be on the Heat in each series they’re in due to the fact that now LeBron has the help and needs to show he doesn’t choke in the playoffs and helps the Heat reach their goal.  Won’t be surprised if both Wade and Bron both averaged 30 ppg in this one.  HEAT 4 – SIXERS 0


2nd Round Match-Ups

(1)Chicago Bulls vs (4)Orlando Magic

Rose and company face a tough out in the 2nd round as the Bulls might now have an answer for Dwight Howard and is no match against Orlando’s reigning 3’s.  But, if the Bulls can play lockdown defense and contain the shooters, they’ve already beat Magic in the regular season with and without Dwight Howard as Rose and Boozer should continue their nice 1-2 punch.  Bulls are tough to beat at home and they contiue their magical season into the eastern conference championship game as they’ll hold off the Orlando Magic in 7 games.  Winner: CHICAGO BULLS


(2)Miami Heat vs (6)New York Knicks

This is the match-up a lot of people wanted in the 1st round but the fans get their matchup when they meet in the 2nd round.  Fun-filled series yet again with a bunch of stars, LeBron owns Melo’ in head to head matchups as Melo also plays some good defense against LeBron as he’ll be the lone Knick with the body strength to keep up with James.  Knicks fall short in this one as the Heat keep on rolling behind James and Wade with an unexpected hero in this series, Mario Chalmers.  Knicks will enjoy there run and look forward to 2012 while the Heat has their eyes on the prize; Heat win in 6 games.  Winner: MIAMI HEAT




(1)Chicago Bulls vs (2) Miami Heat

If I were a Heat player or fan this is the match-up you want, I know they remember the last time these 2 teams met, we know what happened.  Rose’s MVP caliber play brings the Bulls all the way to the conference championship and LeBron and Wade and company look like they peaked at the right time coming together for their own championship run.  This is going to be a physical, all defenses that can contain both offenses with each team’s star player(s) taking over when it matters most.  Wouldn’t be surprised at all if this series is low scoring and this is where the world will see LeBron shake off his “image” from last years playoffs and helps Wade carry the Heat in reaching the NBA Finals.  Heat will win this in 7 games and give the Bulls their 2nd lost at home in the playoffs. Winner: MIAMI HEAT





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