ROSE Above The Rest

ROSE Above The Rest

As we near yet another great NBA season with a few surprises and introductions to new superstars; one man stood alone, he rose above the rest to take his team to new heights all the while being the coach’s first year in Chicago.  Derrick Rose, Point Guard for the Chicago Bulls, has solidified himself as the 2010-2011 NBA MVP and carrying his Chicago Bulls to the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference (60-20) with 2 games remaining.  I call Derrick Rose a modern day Allen Iverson as their almost similar especially in statistics.  In Iverson’s MVP season (2000-2001) he lead the Sixers to the best record in the Eastern Conference and carried his team all the way to the NBA Finals.  Rose has the chance to do the same but at least on this Bulls team he has some help around him, Boozer and Noah and Deng are a few to mention, also being one of the best defensive teams in the league helps as well.

Both Iverson and Rose movement and speed and body control when driving the lane is unbelievable and lets take a look at some stats.

Iverson averaged 31ppg 42%FG 32%3pt 81%FT 4apg 2spg

Rose is averaging 25ppg 44%FG 33%3pt 86%FT 7apg and 1spg

Rose has helped the Bulls surpass their win total from previous year by 20.  Rose has carried his Bulls in the 4th quarter of games and has won games against the elite East teams like Boston, Orlando and Miami so come playoff time they wont be surprised.  Rose’s game is nearly complete and unstoppable, he already improved his 3pt shooting from last year by 7%, hitting his free throws 10% better and nearly increased his assists per game by 2.0 and not to mention has games like at Milwaukee he drops 30pts and 17asts.  Rose has 23 double double’s this year so you cannot say he’s not trying to make his teammates better, Deng and Boozer all mesh well with Rose and Boozer has been a big help because he’s the low post scorer they’ve been missing.

Derrick Rose is your 2010-2011 NBA MVP because he’s not only the “hot” name right now but he’s carried his team when Boozer was out, when Noah was out and he doesn’t have a sound shooting guard to help carry the load.  Rose has rightfully so earned and deserved MVP honors this year and it should only boost his confidence and carry on into the playoffs as the Bulls hope they can make a deep run.  Fan or not, if you love basketball like I do, and watched it all season long you will too have realized that Derrick ROSE above the rest and brought back some glory days to Chicago as if Jordan were playing again.

Runner-Up : Dwight Howard, C, Magic – without Dwight Orlando struggles on defense and cleary Dwight is a one man army in the painted area.  Howard deserves all the MVP recognition and talk he can get.

3rd place : Kobe Bryant, SG, Lakers – Yes the Lakers are talented and you take him out they’d still be arguably top 5 in the West but without Kobe there’s nobody to push the Lakers on and off the court and Kobe is the heart and soul of this team that drives them to excellence.


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