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NBAwithBEE 2012 Western Conference Power Rankings

Took a long look at the Western Conference and from top to bottom this is another talented bunch of teams but the elite powerhouse’s will rise again.  The Thunder added some big men but no quality low post threat, the Lakers bring in Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Jamison which on paper gives them the best starting 5 in the league.  The Mavericks and Nuggets improved and the Spurs will be the Spurs, continue to fly under the radar and be near the top of the West.  The Timberwolves really improved and should be a dark horse team in the West. 

It will be a tough battle for the #1 seed and for Oklahoma City to go back to the NBA Finals, but with their young nucleus of Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka and Harden they’ll be tough.  I believe Lin will do alright in Houston and Gragic will run Phoenix just fine.  The biggest thing for the Clippers is health, a lot of veterans on that squad and CP3 must remain healthy for majority of the season, if Odom bounces back to old-form then it’ll cause problems for opposing teams running with their 2nd unit.  Looking forward to a couple rookies in Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard and Meyers Leonard and I doubt Perry Jones gets much playing time early on as he’s on a contender.  But, let’s get right to it, from 1 to 15 I rank the western conference teams for the 2012-2013 NBA Season.

1 OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER Nobody likes to be the loser in the NBA Finals, especially not after the season OKC had.  After signing Ibaka to an extension in the off-season, you got to wonder if they can afford to keep their 6th man (Harden).  Vital part of this team and offense, if they want to remain atop the west they definitely need to keep Harden.  OKC still lacking a low post scorer, if Ibaka stops talking and just plays maybe he could be it? The Perry Jones development will be interesting as it seemed a gift for him to fall to OKC in the Draft. They have a bunch of teams in the west to battle, but i like their chances on getting back to the Finals, rematch.
2 LOS ANGELES LAKERS LA made not 1, not 2 but 3 moves in the off-season that got everyone hating on LA.  They went ahead and acquired Future HOF’er PG Steve Nash, then went on some high school affair where talks would be on, then off to only have it turned back on, then off once again and then finally cut the deal where Dwight Howard got sent to LA while Lakers traded away Bynum.  The third move that is the x-factor is bringing in savvy vet Jamison, who’ll be a solid stretch 4.  If Metta can get his act together this team will be dangerous, can the chemistry work?
3 DALLAS MAVERICKS People were saying Dallas is getting old and their championship window has closed (even though they already won one) but their back in serious contention after this summer.  They got younger and more athletic with the acquisitions of Darren Collison (PG), OJ Mayo (SG), Dahntay Jones (SG) and Chris Kaman (C) who each bring a different element to the team.  If Kaman can remain healthy he’s arguably the best Center Dallas has ever had.  Mayo will finally get starter minutes and his numbers and play will rise, Jones is the defensive specialist that can keep up with quicker players Vince Carter cannot.  Collison takes over for Kidd, and is much quicker and is just 2 years removed from averaging 18/9 while starting for the Hornets.  Keep an eye on this squad, their flying under the radar.
4 LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS The other side of LA has the “win-now” attitude being that it could be CP3’s last year there.  This is arguably thee most talented roster Clippers put together, but they still lack a Center.  They added quite a few vets in Odom, Jamal Crawford, Grant Hill and Matt Barnes they bring a new intensity to LA a new “swag”.  Billups expected to be back in December only makes this team even more dangerous.  Griffin needs to take the next step and improve his FT % and work on his jumpers, get that Amar’e type jumper.  They got the talent on paper, can they mesh together on the court and Crawford and Odom bounce back from a very poor 2011 season?
5 DENVER NUGGETS This is my darkhorse team in the West, this roster got better defensively and all around with the addition of Andre Iguodala and Wilson Chandler now back.  Lawson and Miller form a potent 1-2 punch at PG, especially when their on the court together.  Iggy brings his defensive presence and add that in with Faried, Randolph and McGee and you possibly have the best defensive unit in the league.  Danilo will be back healthy, and if Randolph develops into anything on what he’s supposed to be then DEN got a steal with him.  Fourier will develop and learn on the fly, should be a solid guard in near future.  When Ty Lawson said there a top 3 team, i believed him and i still do, this could be a team no team wants to face come playoff time.
6 SAN ANTONIO SPURS Same old story with the Spurs, but I have them dropping to 6th this season.  Rightfully so though many will think they belong somewhere near the top as they were the #1 seed just a season ago.  They’ll keep on truckin and fly under the radar but I just like the other teams above skillset and talent on their roster better.  They got a young star in Kawhi Leonard who will improve this season, but Duncan, Manu and Parker also get 1 year older and how much years left in the tank?  Splitter still has potential but will it ever be reached/seen? Can Danny Green keep up the success he’s found in San Antonio? They’ll remain one of the top 3point shooting teams again but they’ll go as far as their young guns take them. 
7 MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES This will be a big season for the Minnesota Timberwolves as they worked hard in the off-season to acquire pieces that’ll help Kevin Love remain a Wolve.  Brought back Brandon Roy, who I hope is back healthy as he’s my favorite player and I’m rooting for him.  They also signed Andrei Kirilenko, who looked like his early 20’s again during the Olympics, Pekovic is about to be one of the better halves of Centers in the league.  Kevin Love is Kevin Love, boards, points, 3pointers made – he’ll do it all, he just has to stay healthy towards the end of the season, past 2 seasons he’s been injured down the stretch.  Rubio should be back in December and will Derrick Williams improve in his 2nd season?
8 PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS Tough call here but I believe the Blazers can make it as the 8th seed barring any injury, especially to Aldridge.  They lose Aldridge they lose their season, Lillard is the franchise PG and will be the rookie of the year as he’ll help lead this team.  Hickson has done well in his short stint in Portland and will be needed early on as POR lacks front court depth behind Aldridge, Hickson and Meyers.  Meyers has all the tools to be a good starting caliber Center in the league.  How will Batum feel now that he’s back in POR and not in MIN with Roy.  Their other weakness is SF, after Batum there’s nobody capable of filling in so that’s something to keep an eye on too.  Portlands ceiling is the 8th seed and they could drop to 11th or 12th at seasons end.








Rounding out the remaining teams I have at 9th (Memphis Grizzlies) 10th (Houston Rockets) 11th (Golden State Warriors) 12th (Utah Jazz) 13th (Phoenix Suns) 14th (Sacramento Kings) and 15th (New Orleans Hornets).  Grizzlies will miss OJ Mayo because they have a hole to fill at SG now; Tony Allen is just a defensive specialist.  For Golden State, if Curry and Bogut stay healthy they’ll rise in rankings and flirt with the 8th seed in the playoffs.  Warriors are right there (for playoff contention) the pieces are there, just need to be consistent now.  The Jazz have one of the best Front Courts in the NBA with Favors, Millsap and Jefferson but lacking at SG and PG play will hurt them throughout the season.  Suns will start their Nash-less era but they have some talent on this squad with Beasley (can he bounce back?) Scola and Gragic, don’t forget about Jared Dudley (who turned himself into a solid role player) and Shannon Brown (probably wishing he stayed in LA).  To round it out, you got the rebuilding Hornets; Gordon’s health is the key here and will remain an issue if he can’t recover.  Rivers and Davis will develop into a nice inside/outside threat as both grow together.

Now with my NBA Finals pick on who’ll represent the West and once again, I’m picking the Oklahoma City Thunder to go back to the finals and have a rematch with the Miami Heat, can they avoid the same result or will they flip the script this time around? Stay Tuned.



NBAwithBEE 2012-2013 Eastern Conference Rankings

As we approach yet another NBA Season, there’s a lot of storylines to watch for and I can’t wait for the excitement that’ll be upon us real soon.  LeBron won his first championship, is he still hungry for more? Wade’s knee issue and how it’ll affect the Heat all season long? When is Derrick Rose expected back and how will the Bulls cope without their MVP? Celtics revamped their roster with veterans and defenders, how will they do? A lot of new faces in new places and a full training camp in session this time around.  One thing we can be thankful for, the NBA will not be putting replacement refs out there.  Without further of do, here are my 2012-2013 Eastern Conference Power Rankings.

1 MIAMI HEAT no question the defending champs are #1, additions of Ray Allen & Rashard Lewis will space the floor even more.  Far and away best team in the east too, LBJ still getting better – that’s scary. Already proved they can win with no true center, it’ll remain that way as they make their trip back to the NBA Finals for a 3rd straight season.
2 BOSTON CELTICS probably best bet to knock off Miami, do you realize how DEEP this team is? not to mention, Jeff Green is back and healthy alongside the additions of Courtney Lee (Defensive specialist and 3pt shooter), Jason Terry and solid draft picks of Sullinger and Melo (raw but will develop nicely) make BOS still a top team in the East.  Rondo must lead this team now.
3 INDIANA PACERS Pacers are filled with young rising talent such as SG Paul George and G George Hill, they brought in Agustin to run the PG spot.  They paid the man, Hibbert, who must take next step up, Granger & West will provide that veteran leadership but Paul George needs to be focus on offense now, he’s big and can shoot and very athletic.
4 BROOKLYN NETS new arena, new logo, new faces (Joe Johnson) and a lot of $$$ thrown at this team, they have the highest ceiling amongst the Eastern Teams but also the chance to fall too.  Can Lopez actually grab a rebound this time? They got a stretch 4 in Teletovic as he could prove to be an x-factor for this squad.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they vaulted into the 2nd spot.
5 NEW YORK KNICKS Brought back Felton & one of the greatest PG’s to play the game (Jason Kidd), can off-season training with Hakeem help Amar’e? Melo and Amar’e co-exist is a big question too.  Rasheed Wallace will teach these young cats how to post-up and Chandler remains a clog in the middle.  If all goes well, they can get into the top 3, but this is New York we’re talking about, lets see how this fairytale ends this season.
6 PHILADELPHIA SIXERS This is my darkhorse team in the East, only thing lacking is their frontcourt depth behind Bynum and Hawes.  Losing Brand was huge, Thaddeus is not your typical PF neither, but their depth in the backcourt is crazy, Richardson, Turner, Jrue, Wright, Young – Collins can bring out the best in players, this team will achieve goals.  Don’t be surprised if they land the 4th seed, because I already told you so.
7 ATLANTA HAWKS losing Joe Johnson leaves a hole at the SG spot, new additions of Lou Williams and Anthony Morrow will try and fill the void.  They drafted Jenkins who is arguably the best shooter in the draft but he needs development, a healthy Horford helps ATL tremendously and how long before JSmoove is wearing another uniform? if so Hawks fall near the bottom of the rankings.  Lack of depth will hurt this team
8 CHICAGO BULLS No Derrick Rose, Chicago will fall.  Hinrich & Robinson will do their best and CHI is still lacking a SG (Rip’s on the decline).  I’m excited for Jimmy Butler though as he cracks the rotation this season, he can surprise a few, if Deng and Noah cant stay healthy, Bulls will fall even further down. They play hard though, so tough to count them completely out and best case scenerio Rose returns in January or February. 







Leading the rest of the way I got Bucks at 9, Raptors at 10, Cavs at 11, Pistons at 12, Wizards at 13, Magic at 14 and Bobcats at 15.  Of this bunch, I can see the Raptors battling for the 8th spot but all of these teams would get swept by the Heat in the playoffs either way.  Wizards will miss John Wall for the first part of the season and what will they do with both Nene’ and Okafor? Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis can be one of the best backcourts in the league if they can co-exist, Jennings is vastly underrated in the PG talks.  Kyrie, barring an injury, can make a name for himself this season as one of the top PG’s in the game.  I believe he’ll definitely take the next step up to being an elite PG, the team is still growing around him but he’s a great piece to build around  and having a healthy Varejao back means a lot. 





Pistons will move Stuckey to SG while they give the PG reigns to Brandon Knight, something they should’ve done a long time ago even when Billups still wore that Pistons jersey.  Drummond has the highest upside amongst those drafted and will Monroe accept the PF role? Pistons have a lot of players in the front court that they could deal one for a guard as they finally realized they overpaid for Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva a few seasons ago because now their hurting.  Orlando will realize how big of a deal Dwight Howard was as they’ll remain a lottery team for at least the next 2 seasons until they rebuild the team.  Lastly, you got the Bobcats who will be sporting new uniforms this season but still remain same story, give them a few years they have some of the pieces there.  If Kemba starts balling and MKG does what MKG does best (slash and score and defend) that’ll be some pieces to build around.  Biyombo continues to grow into a younger version of Ben Wallace/Serge Ibaka type player and what happened to Tyrus Thomas?  

At the end of the day, nobody can get up on Miami’s level as they’ll once again be the beast of the east.  LeBron is still getting better, and with him on the post now makes this team even more dangerous.  I look forward to seeing the Heat in the finals again, against who you ask? Well that question will be answered in my western conference preview.



As the 2012 NBA Season fast approaches and drafts are beginning to start, I take a look at 5 players who I like from mid-rounds and on.  All 5 are starters for their respective team but go unnoticed because they had a down year, changed teams, didn’t get much playing time or are just rising and their name isn’t known, yet.  Well I’m here to tell you that you should know their names and be on the lookout for them come draft day as they’ll prove to be draft steals at end of season. 

  1. DERRICK FAVORS, PF/C, UTAH JAZZ: Favors will be in a training camp battle with Paul Milsap for the starting PF position in Utah.  Granted Milsap may deserve to be the starting PF, he doesn’t have the upside of Favors.  It was once said that Favors ceiling is Kevin Garnett, I believe that as he showcased what he can do on the court when he stays out of foul trouble.  Favors averaged 29 minutes per game against the Spurs in the NBA Playoffs last season, he turned that into 16ppgs 11rpg 2bpg and 2spg, that is solid production alongside Al Jefferson.  Imagine as soon as Favors gets 35 minutes per game, the numbers will sky-rocket and you’ll be glad you drafted him somewhere around round 10+.  He’s a great dynasty PF/C to target as well because he’s just scratching the surface, and I advise to get him before his trade value increases as well. 
  2. DARREN COLLISON, PG, DALLAS MAVERICKS: The Mavericks quietly improved their old aging veteran team with youth this off-season that is going too unnoticed.  Acquiring Collison was a big move for Dallas after they lost Jason Kidd to the Knicks.  Delonte West will cut into Collison’s minutes but he’s not as talented as Darren.  He’s just 2 years removed from a very impressive rookie campaign when he was in New Orleans and Chris Paul went down for the season.  Darren started 37 games and averaged 19ppg 9apg 1.5spg shot 49% from the field while playing 40 minutes per game, now he obviously didn’t carry that on into Indiana but the fit wasn’t there.  He now has Dirk, Carter and Marion alongside and solid veteran leadership and a great coach in Carlisle, he’s going to turn heads this season and should average 15-points and 8 to 9 assists per.
  3. OJ MAYO, SG, DALLAS MAVERICKS: Mayo finally gets a chance to start and you can bet he’ll shine.  Coming off the bench in Memphis he was their scorer, getting 22-25 minutes per game.  The Mavs lacked a 2nd scoring option behind Dirk, needed some youth and energy into their starting line-up, enter OJ Mayo, who is a solid 3-point shooter and brings defense.  Carlisle should give him around 32-37 minutes per game and that can show results somewhere near 23ppg 2spg 4apg 5rpg and that is Mayo’s ceiling.  Not too many people know who Mayo is, or maybe you do but not for basketball reasons, he has yet to reach his ceiling and showcase his abilities and now he has the chance in Dallas.  Be confident in drafting him even if he’s your #1 SG on your roster.
  4. BISMACK BIYOMBO, C, CHARLOTTE BOBCATS: Many of you may not even name one player from the Bobcats outside of Kemba Walker, now I’m here to tell you who else you need to put on your radar and draft with confidence.  Bimack is your modern day Ben Wallace with a tad better offensive game, but that won’t be asked of him.  He didn’t get much playing time early in the season but as injuries happened and opportunity knocked, Biyombo took advantage and showcased what he’s got which earned him the starting Center position late last season and entering the 2012 season.  Last year as a starter he average 6.4ppg 7.3rpg 2.1bpg while playing 28 minutes per.  Bismack needs to work on his FT% which will or will not come (Ben Wallace was terrible too but hit some big FT’s when it mattered) and you put Bismack’s production per 48 minutes you’ll have a stat line something like 12ppg 12rpg 4bpg, those 12 boards and 4 blocks is definitely Ibaka-like and you can get Biyombo cheaper than Serge.  If you’ve targeted and drafted offensive minded players in the beginning of your draft and in need of boards and blocks, then Biyombo is your man and wouldn’t be surprised if he lasts until the last couple rounds, people do not know who this guy is but you should and he definitely needs to be on your cheat sheet.
  5. NIKOLA PEKOVIC, C, MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES: Darko’s gone (thankfully) and Kevin Love has emerged as the best PF in the game today which only helps Pekovic’s game and value.  The T’Wolves has them a starting caliber center in the league, and is vastly underrated.  Pekovic entered training camp in great shape and ready to take charge.  Having talent around him definitely helps because Pekovic is still developing and won’t be asked to do much, yet.  He started 35 games last year and produced 15ppg 9rpg 1bpg 55%FG at 30 minutes per.  He’s definitely a nice 2nd starting Center to have for your team that has great upside, so definitely worth a grab in dynasty leagues too.


The last of my 2012 fantasy basketball rankings comes with the Point Guard Position, arguably the position that has the most depth this season.  From #1 to #25 you got viable starters for your team, better yet if your league starts 2 PG’s you can find value later in drafts.  Derrick Rose is still rehabbing and probably won’t be back until January, maybe. 


Chauncy Billups will return sometime in December, same as Ricky Rubio for the T’Wolves.  John Wall is already out for 8 weeks with his knee, and it’s hard for him to develop a 3 point shot (at the moment), that’s the difference between the elite PG’s and Wall, he cant shoot the 3 and don’t expect overnight Derrick Rose success neither. 

Felton returns to New York where he was putting up all-star like numbers, can he do it again? I mean this Knicks squad is far more talented than the previous squad he was on, plus he now has Jason Kidd to learn from.  How will Jeremy Lin fare in Houston? Was it all a dream or is this Lin kid the real deal, i know opinions on both sides and all i’ll say is i hope for the best for Lin, but he’s nowhere near the top tier of PG’s but you’ll see it in my rankings where i have him.  How will rookie Austin Rivers do in New Orleans? I’m rooting for him.

1 RUSSELL WESTBROOK OKC hasn’t missed a gm, best offensive rebounding PG
2 CHRIS PAUL LAC arugably best PG in lg, but needs to stay healthy
3 DERON WILLIAMS BKLN more talent around = more assists & run the tm
4 TY LAWSON DEN think RW, CP & DW are 1a-c & Lawson is #2 (got game)
5 KYRIE IRVING CLE ceiling is probably higher than the 4 listed above
6 BRANDON JENNINGS MIL underrated & could be part of the best backcourt in Lg
7 RAJAN RONDO BOS his assists/steals and rebounds make up for his non-3’s
8 GORAN DRAGIC PHX prob have him higher than most, career year for Goran
9 STEPHEN CURRY GSW when healthy he’s a top 5 PG in fantasy, easily. 
10 JRUE HOLIDAY PHI takes another step forward this season, huge yr in store
11 STEVE NASH LAL 11-13ppg and could easily avg nearly 12-13 assists per
12 TONY PARKER SAS still has it, #1 option on team now
13 JOHN WALL WAS out 8 weeks hurts & so does his non-3pt shot
14 DAMIAN LILLARD POR get to know the NBA Rookie of the Year
15 DARREN COLLISON DAL will turn heads in DAL, can run the team
16 MIKE CONLEY MEM showing each year that he can run this team, he can.
17 MO WILLIAMS UTA will start in UTA, if you can handle the TO’s you’ll be fine
18 RAYMOND FELTON NYK 17ppg 9apg 1.8spg his lone tenure in New York, encore?
19 DERRICK ROSE CHI timetable of return unknown but I’ll take a risk
20 JEREMY LIN HOU can he run the team in Houston? 
21 BRANDON KNIGHT DET he’ll showcase his talent this season
22 KYLE LOWRY TOR putting up all-star type numbers before injury
23 JEFF TEAGUE ATL pg reigns belong to him now, solid PG2
24 ISAIAH THOMAS SAC nobody expected this, but he’s a solid PG for SAC
25 GEORGE HILL IND bit the injury bug LY, you’ll see why IND signed him
26 JARRETT JACK GSW playing behind an injury-prone PG, opportunity there
27 ANDRE MILLER DEN Karl likes to use both PGs together, assists there
28 KEMBA WALKER CHA starting job is his to lose, could rise in rankings soon
29 LUKE RIDNOUR MIN starter until Rubio gets back, nice fill-in 
30 KIRK HINRICH CHI should’ve never left CHI in the first place
31 GREIVIS VASQUEZ NOH could start and let Rivers come on slowly
32 JERRYD BAYLESS MEM provides scoring punch for MEM bench
33 DEVIN HARRIS ATL what happened to this guy?
34 RICKY RUBIO MIN back in December, needs to work on jumper
35 MARIO CHALMERS MIA regardless of stellar play in finals, not a top option in MIA
36 CHAUNCY BILLUPS LAC age is a factor but can still provide late season scoring
37 JOSE CALDERON TOR taking a back seat to Lowry, on the decline anyway
38 JASON KIDD NYK age is definitely catching up to him, provides leadership
39 RAMON SESSIONS CHA back-up to Kemba but should get his playing time
40 JJ BAREA MIN energy off the bench
41 REGGIE JACKSON OKC kids got talent, hope he shows it this year
42 KENDALL MARSHALL PHX should get spot minutes for Goran
43 CJ WATSON BKLN backup to Deron, nice role player
44 DJ AGUSTIN IND could be just a player that’ll provide scoring for IND
45 BENO UDRIH MIL as a solid back-up PG that you can find

NBAwithBEE 2012-2013 SG RANKINGS

Shooting Guard is another tough position for me to rank, unsure about rookies and some slated as SG’s could move to SF’s and vice versa so I’m going to update rankings as we go but listed below are those whose primary position is SG whether their starting or a role player. 





Quite a few rookies who’ll be asked to make an early season impact due to injuries to other players, and some rookies will just have the opportunity to make an impact because they earned it.  Bradley Beal, Terrance Ross, Dion Waiters and John Jenkins come to mind for rookies.  OJ Mayo is finally starting and will get the minutes he deserves, so where does he rank now? Brandon Roy has made a comeback (as my favorite player I hope he makes it thru at least 70 games) and then you have a rising star in Paul George, where does he rank? A lot of things to look forward to this upcoming NBA Season, Ray Allen in Miami is one I’m anxious to see.

Here is my SG Rankings for the 2012 Season as we are early on in training camps and pre-season.

1 DWAYNE WADE MIA will miss gms, but no SG comes close to his stat sheet
2 KOBE BRYANT LAL even with new talent around, will still get his 
3 MONTA ELLIS MIL Monta & Jennings will make on elusive backcourt
4 TYREKE EVANS SAC needs to development a 3pt shot, 20/5/5 at least too
5 ANDRE IGUODALA DEN poor mans Wade, fills the stat sheet
6 PAUL GEORGE IND I believe this is his time, his year (look out) 
7 JOE JOHNSON BKLN doesn’t have to be the man in Brooklyn, has elite PG
8 JAMES HARDEN OKC forget the finals, still avg 16/3/5 as a 6th man, will repeat
9 KLAY THOMPSON GSW may have him higher than most, he’s no slouch
10 OJ MAYO DAL starter minutes = breakout year for OJ
11 RODNEY STUCKEY DET arrived in camp healthy, ready to roll, DET needs pts
12 MARCUS THORNTON SAC isnt starting but will be asked to score, a lot. 
13 JASON TERRY BOS BOS never had a 6th man like Terry, more of the same
14 LOU WILLIAMS ATL could start or get starter minutes, scorer 
15 KEVIN MARTIN HOU has to stay healthy, one of the better SG’s to get to line
16 MANU GINOBILI SAS may see decrease mins due to youth & playoff purposes
17 ERIC GORDON NOH knee will be an issue, but if healthy, watch his numbers
18 JARED DUDLEY PHX battling Shannon Brown for SG, JD will win out
19 JR SMITH NYK keeps his head in gm can do a lot of things
20 ARRON AFFLALO ORL better defender & SG than Reddick, leadership too
21 TONY ALLEN MEM you don’t draft him for pts, u draft him for boards/stls
22 JASON RICHARDSON PHI new team and will beat out Nick  Young for starting SG 
23 WESLEY MATTHEWS POR gives you a scoring outburst every handful of games
24 JAMAL CRAWFORD LAC will fill void until Billups returns, solid backcourt in LAC
25 JORDAN CRAWFORD WAS needs to take next step this season w/Wall out
26 LANDRY FIELDS TOR has Ross breathing down his neck, needs to step up
27 NICK YOUNG PHI pure scorer, nothing more for PHI
28 RAY ALLEN MIA you know how many wide open 3’s he’s going to get? 
29 DION WAITERS CLE could be asked to do a lot as a rookie
30 DANNY GREEN SAS nice UTIL player for your squad
31 COURTNEY LEE BOS if he starts he should thrive
32 SHANNON BROWN PHX came on late last season, should be solid 6th man
33 BEN GORDON CHA new team with no scorers, will need instant offense
34 JJ REDDICK ORL 3 point specialist but improved last year w/PT
35 RIP HAMILTON CHI no Rose until 2013, must stay healthy to contribute
36 BRANDON ROY MIN welcome back B-Roy, if injury behind him – solid value
37 BRADLEY BEAL WAS the best pure scorer in draft, should have green light
38 MARSHON BROOKS BKLN with Joe Johnson in town, won’t see much time on court
39 GARY NEAL SAS plays both guards positions, solid scorer
40 IMAN SHUMPERT NYK will battle for minutes once he’s back
41 GERALD HENDERSON CHA if Gordon struggles, Henderson’s your guy
42 JOHN JENKINS ATL best shooter in the draft, can get solid spot minutes
43 TERRENCE ROSS TOR like this rookie and opportunity in TOR
44 JEREMY LAMB HOU with Martin’s injury history, Lamb can take over soon
45 RANDY FOYE LAC should back-up Jamal until Billups gets back
46 WILL BARTON POR POR lacks SG, if he stays on team can develop nicely

NBAwithBEE 2012-2013 PF RANKINGS

Kevin Love is in a tier of his own and then some in the PF rankings, Dirk has a couple great  years left in him.  Al Horford is back from his injury suffered last year and will be the 2nd option in Atlanta now that Johnson is gone.  Curious to see how Pau does with addition of Howard (who gets just about every rebound) and has training in the off-season with Hakeem really help Amar’e?  The Thunder need Ibaka to take the next step offensively and become more consistent there and one battle I’m looking forward too in training camp is between Utah’s Paul Millsap and rising young buck Derrick Favors.  Not too many people know who Patrick Patterson is, if he lands starting job in Houston, then you’ll know. 

Here are my 2012-2013 Fantasy PF Rankings – as always hit me up via twitter @IDPwithBEE for questions.

1 KEVIN LOVE MIN Love is the 20/20 guy with 2-3 3pters per game
2 DIRK NOWITZKI DAL give or take 3 more great years from the German
3 AL HORFORD ATL underrated & with no Joe, more scoring coming.
4 PAU GASOL LAL he’ll probably just lose out on boards w/DH addition
5 LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE POR has a franchise PG that can create, all-around PF
6 BLAKE GRIFFIN LAC hurts you with his FT% and knee may be worrisome?
7 AMAR’E STOUDEMIRE NYK Can He & Melo co-exist? Off-Season w/Hakeem help?
8 ZACH RANDOLPH MEM when healthy he’s one of the better PF’s in the game
9 CHRIS BOSH MIA #’s hurt & need to put injuries behind him, solid player
10 PAUL MILLSAP UTA will battle with Favors for starting PF spot
11 SERGE IBAKA OKC time for Serge to elevate his game offensively
12 ERSAN ILLYASOVA MIL finally showcased what he’s about, needs solid mins
13 TIM DUNCAN SAS lesser minutes but still as productive
14 KENNETH FARIED DEN not nicknamed “manimal” for nothing
15 DAVID LEE GSW addition of Bogut could impact his rebounds
16 ANDREA BARGNANI TOR shooter & scorer not a rebounder
17 DAVID WEST IND boring but consistent 
18 PATRICK PATTERSON HOU sleeper alert, will be a solid contributor in the post
19 CARLOS BOOZER CHI Taj Gibson is just waiting for his turn
20 DERRICK FAVORS UTA has the ceiling of Kevin Garnett, he’s getting there
21 SPENCER HAWES PHI addition of Bynum moves him to PF, may struggle
22 ANTHONY DAVIS NOH slated as PF right now, but could move to C – rbs/blks
23 LUIS SCOLA PHX new team, numbers could go down slightly
24 THADDEUS YOUNG PHI he’ll make his impact playing PF for PHI
25 LAMAR ODOM LAC I believe a move back to LA will motiviate Odom again
26 GLEN DAVIS ORL no DH, should be one of main contributors down-low
27 TRISTAN THOMPSON CLE will backup Dirk and Kaman, decreased minutes
28 KRIS HUMPHRIES BKLN double/double threat but surrounded by more talent
29 JAN VESELY WAS continued development will rise Jan up rankings
30 THOMAS ROBINSON SAC believe he beats out JT for starting spot, better on block
31 AL HARRINGTON ORL reserve role but has green light to shoot
32 DREW GOODEN MIL one of those players you don’t want but produces
33 ANTAWN JAMISON LAL will be LAL 6th man and solid contributor
34 BRANDON BASS BOS underrated & w/starter minutes double/double threat
35 JASON THOMPSON SAC will battle with Robinson for starting job
36 DERRICK WILLIAMS MIN when is he going to realize his talent & use it?
37 TYLER HANSBROUGH IND a solid role player for IND but inconsistent
38 TAJ GIBSON CHI better defender than Boozer but needs minutes
39 JONAS JEREKBO DET can win starting job in DET, does a lil of everything
40 AMIR JOHNSON TOR seems to have a solid role w/defense & rebounding
41 TREVOR BOOKER WAS addition of Okafor stalls Booker development.
42 CARL LANDRY GSW back-up to Lee, may not see much minutes
43 ANTHONY RANDOLPH DEN another player never lived up to hype, maybe in DEN?
44 CHARLIE VILLANEUVA  DET had the talent, injuries and health caught up to him
45 RASHEED WALLACE NYK hasn’t played in nearly 2 years, what does he have left?


New faces in new places, storylines (Dwight Howard in L.A now) and consistency (see: Al Jefferson) with rookies and 2nd year players wanting to make an impact.  My rankings for the Center position is based on who is starting Center for their team, for example i know Kevin Love has Center eligibility but he’s the starting Power Foward for the T’Wolves so i have him ranked as a PF.  But, if you’re wondering where I’d rank those who have Center eligibility I can get into that as your draft approaches. 

*pre-season rankings*

1 Dwight Howard LAL will kill you on FT% but solid all other areas
2 Al Jefferson UTA as good as they come, double-double machine
3 Andrew Bynum PHI knee is worrisome, big things in PHI being HIS team
4 DeMarcus Cousins SAC too talented, just needs to stay out of foul trouble
5 Marc Gasol MEM a healthy Randolph hurts #’s but not much
6 Roy Hibbert IND will continue to develop, upside high
7 Kevin Garnett BOS you don’t have to question what he’ll bring
8 Chris Kaman DAL underrated move by DAL, needs to stay healthy
9 Greg Monroe DET could move to PF when Drummond ready
10 Andrew Bogut GSW if healthy all season, can rise in top 3 
11 Marcin Gortat PHX will additions of Scola and Beasley hurt or help?
12 Joakim Noah CHI nothing special, just solid across the board
13 Nikola Pekovic MIN in best shape of his life, watch #’s increase
14 JJ Hickson POR solid contributor down the stretch LY
15 Brook Lopez BKLN new contract, healthy but can he rebound? 
16 Javele McGee DEN talent is there, mentally not so much 
17 Tyson Chandler NYK you already know what you’re getting from Tyson
18 Anderson Varejao CLE a healthy Varejao can be a double/double player
19 Samuel Dalembert MIL speciality will be boards and blocks 
20 Omer Asik HOU starting job & playing time – sleeper alert
21 Bismack Biyombo CHA think Ben Wallace with more athleticism 
22 Nene Hilario WAS struggling with injuries, but WAS will need scoring
23 DeAndre Jordan LAC you draft him for boards & blocks, that’s it. 
24 Nikola Vucevic ORL got some Dwight Shoes to fill-in, skilled big man.
25 Jonas Valancieunas TOR brings itensity downlow, boards & contact
26 Elton Brand DAL will backup Dirk and Kaman, decreased minutes
27 Marcus Camby NYK Boards, Blocks and Boards and Blocks. 
28 Meyers Leonard POR developing but will get his Playing Time behind JJ
29 Emeka Okafor WAS big contract but will WAS find some time to play him
30 Gustavo Ayon ORL can be a solid contributor splitting time w/Nikola
31 Zaza Pachulia ATL nothing special but will give you occasional wow gm
32 Boris Diaw SAS remember when this guy was a triple-double threat?
33 Andre Drummond DET still raw but if improved quickly, playing time there
34 Enes Kanter UTA crowded Utah front-court hurts Kanter
35 Tiago Splitter SAS skillset says he should be starting over Diaw, but…