Just like that we’re already on Week Two of the 2014-2015 NFL Season and already it seems like it’s moving too fast.  But, after a bunch of injuries that where done in week one, I hope you got your guys on waiver to replace them.  I’m going to let you know which IDP’s that I’d find a way to start this week, some sleepers and some that probably let you down in week one but will get back on your good graces in week two.


  • MICHAEL JOHNSON (TBB):  Johnson will definitely rebound from last week’s 6 tackle performance as the Rams are coming off a game where they surrendered 5 sacks to the Vikings.  Johnson is a solid DL2 option this week and if you have second thoughts on him, start him. (Update: Michael Johnson is now out for week two – William Ghoslton becomes an option) 
  • AKIEM HICKS (NOS):  Hicks had an unimpressive two tackle performance in week one.  He faces the Browns this week and they could be run heavy, where Hicks excels, therefore he should get you more than 2-tackles this week.  I’m expecting a line of 5 tackles 1-sack this week against the Browns and that’s good enough for me to start him as my DL2. 
  • EVERSON GRIFFEN (MIN):  had a solid debut as a starter last week against the Rams, accounted for two of the five sacks the Vikings got.  He faces a Patriots offensive line in week two that surrendered four sacks to the Dolphins; and Griffen is no Cameron Wake but Vikings have enough talent on the front that’ll make Griffen’s life a little easier.  Can he get two sacks again, absolutely and I’d be confident starting him as your DL2 as his value continues to rise. 
  • WALLACE GILBERRY (CIN):  Gilberry pitched in 1-sack last week against the Ravens and now faces a suspect Atlanta line  that only gave up 1-sack against the Saints.  Things could change this week as the Bengals should execute better than Saints did and get to Ryan a handful of times; Gilberry should be good for at least 1-sack this week.  
  • MICHAEL BENNETT (SEA):  Bennett almost provided a doughnut or his owners in week one but he was able to provide 1-sack and that’s pretty much what we ask for from our DL’s.  The Chargers line is already in a flux as Hardwick is out for the season and Fluker had an MRI on his knee earlier in the week, we’ll see on Sunday just how find Fluker’s knee is, because Bennett is going to push his way through and get to Rivers.  Seahawks speed will collapse the pocket in itself but Bennett will benefit with at least 1-sack, if he gets two that wouldn’t be a surprise.  Starting Bennett as a confident DL2 IDP this week. 
  • CLIFF AVRIL (SEA):  For the same reasons stated above, bodes well for Avril.  His speed will be a problem for Fluker and Rivers isn’t exactly “mobile”.  I’d roll Avril as a DL2 this week, a line looking like 3-tackles, 1-sack, 1-forced fumble.  
  • MUHAMMAD WILKERSON (NYJ):  Wilkerson put up a dud last week against OAK, facing a beat up GBP line in week two and he’s bound for a bounce back.  If you’re a Wilkerson owner, I hope you didn’t panic after week one, he’s going to have more good games than not and it’ll start with Green Bay.  
  • ANDRE BRANCH (JAC):  Branch got a sack last week against the Eagles as the Jaguars look like they have a pass rush (seemed that way in the first half anyway).  Mentioned that this could be the year the pieces finally start to fall for Branch, it’s nearing a make it or break it, type season for him and he’s off to a good start.  Branch faces another not so stellar OL in Washington and he will get to RGIII, at least once.  If you just lost Michael Johnson or searching for a flier at DL2 this week; Andre Branch is your man. 
  • COREY LIUGET (SDC):  another breakout IDP candidate that is off to a solid start, following up his solid pre-season he went ahead and put up 5-tackles and 1-sack against the Cardinals in week one.  Liuget meets the Seahawks in week two and I look for him to continue his havoc, can he get to Russell? absolutely and Liuget makes another strong DL2 start or if you need injury replacement.  


  • VINCENT REY (CIN):  Burfict is 50/50 to play on Sunday against Atlanta; with him practicing on Friday is a good sign he’s probably playing.  But, if Burfict is going to be a last minute scratch then Rey becomes a very solid play in IDP leagues.  When he starts he has a high floor and can dominate in the game; mainly getting after the QB and racking up a bunch of tackles.  
  • PRESTON BROWN (BUF):  With Rivers possibly out for week two, Brown will take the reigns again and start (this time at SLB) because Bradham is back this week after serving his suspension.  In week one, Brown showed signs that he was a rookie but as the game went on he got more comfortable and let the game come to him.  Totaling Seven tackles; and eventually he’s the future MLB in BUF but they’re getting a glance at him at all three LB positions, this can and will help his value going forward.  I’d start Brown again this week as a LB3, especially if you have LB3 options that include Mauga, Jelani or Marshall – I’d lean Brown all the way.  
  • EMMANUEL LAMUR (CIN):  I’ve been getting a bunch of questions in regards to start Lamur or not, my answer will always be yes (unless he suffers an injury).  He put up 11 tackles and 1 pass deflection in what is considered his debut, and he’s just getting started and if you’re one of the few to have him available on waivers, snatched him up then you’re in good hands.  I had him pegged as a LB2 in the off-season as I was a big believer in Lamur, he’s the best coverage LB on Cincinnati so that’s another plus where he’ll see most if not all snaps.  Whether he’s your LB2 or LB3, find a way to start him this week. 
  • KJ WRIGHT (SEA):  Wright will be busy against San Diego in week two as I expect the Chargers to establish a run game.  He looked good in week one, unfortunately Wagner looked even better.  I’d start Wright as a LB3, especially in tackle-heavy leagues as he’ll flirt with double digit tackles against San Diego.  
  • SIO MOORE (OAK):  With Roach expected to be out once again in Week Two, Sio becomes a must start whether he’s your LB2 or LB3.  He put up an impressive week one stat line, 12 tackles and 1 sack and 1 forced fumble and looked real good against the Jets.  Caught up with the game later in the week and Sio seemed to be everywhere against NYJ, looks comfortable and that’s a good sign because he’s been battling Burris for WLB all off-season.  I hope this is a sign of things to come; but until he officially overtakes Burris, his value will be a hit or miss.  
  • LARRY FOOTE (ARI):  i guess Foote is like a bottle of wine, the older the better.  Foote was impressive on monday night against the Chargers and it appears he still has some fuel left in his tank.  In tackle heavy leagues, Foote is a solid LB2 option against the Giants this week but in standard leagues I’d feel comfortable starting him as my LB3.  
  • JOPLO BARTU (ATL):   Even though he’s playing next to Worrilow, Bartu still had his fair share of tackles.  That trend will continue all season as he makes a decent option for your LB3.  He should average anywhere between 5-8 tackles per game; with his own opportunity on collecting 10 or more.  
  • D’QWELL JACKSON (IND):  Freeman is looking iffy for week two and that will make D’Qwell valuable this week against the Eagles.  In Indy he was a borderline LB2 option, but now that Freeman is out this could be your once chance to start Jackson and watch him flirt with LB1 numbers against an Eagles offense that’ll keep the Colts defense busy.  
  • DEMARIO DAVIS (NYJ):  He had a pretty lousy game in week one, but he’s the leader on that defense and will come into his own this season (his second as a full-time starter).  Like a few other IDP’s in week two, Demario will bounce back this week against the Packers and I’d start him as my LB3 with upside.  


  • TONY JEFFERSON (ARI):  Jefferson looked real good against the Chargers, much improved from last year.  I picked him up this week to start as my DB2 against the Giants, if Glover Quin can put up 5 tackles, 1 interception and 2 pass deflections then Jefferson can match that even with Mathieu returning.  
  • ANTOINE CASON (CAR):  Cason put up solid numbers in week one, one of the top scoring DB’s as well.  Will it continue? no but he’s in a good situation week in week out because he’ll continue to face the WR1 on opposing teams as well as play behind a stout front seven.  If you stream DB’s and Cason is available, I hope you made the move as he’ll be covering Megatron in week two, so you know he’s going to have a busy day but it could get ugly.  
  • PERRISH COX (SF):  With injuries to Culliver and Brock, the 49ers have called upton Perrish to help lead the way for the secondary.  Even without Marshall or Alshon, Perrish will see quite a few opportunities against Cutler and could fall to one of Cutler’s mistakes and chip in with an interception for you. 
  • BRADLEY ROBY (DEN):  Roby had an impressive game in his debut for the Broncos, he put together 7 tackles and 3 pass deflections and that was good enough for one of the top scoring CB’s in week one.  Doesn’t face an offense like Indy in week two but I expect him to be busy against KCC, looks like he’ll be covering Donnie Avery, who was targeted a bunch of times (Bowe was suspended).  Another solid option if you stream DB’s, or high ceiling of a DB2. 
  • DJ SWEARINGER (HOU):  Swearinger let his presence be known in week one against Washington.  I tagged Swearinger having a Bernard Pollard IDP profile and if there’s any indication of that happening he has showed it in week one.  He’ll rack up tackles and put pressure on the QB, with the loss of Clowney you can expect Swearinger to get a few more blitz opportunities.  I’d grab him and roster him, will be a solid DB2 going forward and flirt with DB1 numbers.  
  • DWIGHT LOWERY (ATL):  if you’re streaming for cheap tackles, Lowery is your guy.  Going up against Cincy he should once again be a lock for at least 7 tackles, and that’s pretty good for a DB.  
  • MICHAEL GRIFFIN (TEN):  playing a bit more freely now in the defense, he faces Romo in week two and there’s a good chance he gets an interception from one of Romo’s passes and even if he doesn’t, Griffin will get you at least 8 tackles and a couple pass deflections; can’t go wrong with that. 

Some notable dark horses to keep an eye on this week are

Miami Dolphins LB Jelani Jenkins and Titans LB Zaviar Gooden as both are in good situations to take advantage of their opportunity they got sooner than later.



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