IDPwithBEE Who is Akiem Hicks?

Akiem Hicks

Akiem Hicks is entering his third season in the NFL, and after posting 56 tackles 4.5 QB sacks in his first full season as a starter, he’s primed for a breakout season.  Hicks is a monster, standing 6’5 and 340 pounds and absolutely bullies his way thru the opposing offensive lines.  He is stout against the run and pushes his way thru to get to the Quarterback, shows consistency and is underrated amongst the top Defensive Tackles in the league.  

Hicks is still developing because believe it or not he’s still a bit raw, he’s improving his technique but mainly gets off the line and thru the offensive linemen with his strength.  It will be a nightmare for opposing QB’s once Hicks harnesses his tremendous physical skills and talent, he continues to work hard as he also has his eyes set on making the Pro Bowl.  Akiem was rated 15th overall via Pro Football Focus (PFF).  He has the raw power and ability to make an impact on nearly every single play, and he makes life easier for Cameron Jordan and Juinor Galette.  Now, Hicks is about to become a household name in NFL and get some recognition in the IDP community.  

In the IDP community, you barely see Hicks name being mentioned or he’s being slept on and that’s ok.  Defensive Tackles are making their stride in IDP and there’s a handful of dominant ones that have cemented their name amongst the top and Hicks is about to be on that list.  I have Akiem ranked as my DL34 with solid upside right now, I’d be real confident drafting him as my 3rd DL with his DL2 ceiling.  As his first season as a starter, Hicks put up 56 tackles and 4.5 sacks, good chance Hicks improves on the 4.5 sacks and mirrors his tackles.  You could steal Hicks off waivers (if your league already drafted) or one you could draft towards the end of your draft and feel like you just won the lottery.  


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