It’s that time of year where I unveil my IDP Man-Crush Team; IDP’s I’ve targeted in drafts and whom I traded for this off-season.  A handful of these IDP’s are in for a breakout season, a couple of veterans just need their respect and rookies who’ll greatly give an immediate impact on your IDP squad.



  • EVERSON GRIFFEN (VIKINGS):   Everson got paid now he’s going to show what he’s got, many thought his breakout was in 2012 when he had 8 sacks – his breakout is now, in 2014 and don’t get surprised if he flirts with 15 sacks – rising DL2.
  • EZEKIEL “ZIGGY” ANSAH (LIONS):   This super sophomore was turning it on as the season went on, he got comfortable and with the presence of Fairley and Suh, Ziggy should have no problem getting after the QB as he won’t face much attention (yet).   Ansah will be a top 10 DL and at times you’re drafting him as your DL2, perfect.  


  • KYLE WILLIAMS (BILLS):  Maybe his age scares a lot of drafters; especially dynasty folks, but don’t be that guy.  Other DT’s are far more attractive but Kyle can and should out produce majority of them.  In DT leagues he’s a legit DT1 and in DL league’s mark him down as a strong DL2 option.  


  • ALEC OGLETREE (RAMS):  Ogletree had a superb rookie season and even mirrored Laurinaitis tackle for tackle but he has the edge because he was the playmaker.  I’m all in for Ogletree this year and beyond, I have no problem putting down Alec as my 5th ranked LB and call me crazy but I believe he out-produces his rookie year numbers.  
  • JAMIE COLLINS (PATRIOTS):  Collins was prime for a breakout after his playoff performance.  Collins seemed to be everywhere on the field and a standout on defense, he’s worked on his coverage skills in the off-season and will now become a 3-down LB in New England.  I mentioned he has a DeAndre Levy IDP profile; 100+ tackles and a handful of INT’s and PD’s are definitely in reach for Collins.  He cements his IDP value in 2014 and it’s only the beginning. 
  • KHALIL MACK (RAIDERS):  Yes, Mack is a rookie but he’s a beast attacking the ball carrier.  He’s going to immediately make an impact on the Raiders defense, he’s my #1 rookie IDP for good reasons.  He’s going to create turnovers and get after the QB and even give Peyton Manning in the AFCW fits.  I’ve targeted Mack in all rookie drafts in the 2nd round and confident starting him as my LB3 with a high ceiling.  
  • DONALD BUTLER (CHARGERS):  Butler is a solid 3-down LB but never gets the respect he deserves because he cannot stay healthy for a full-season.  Many bypass him on draft day because they don’t want to deal with his inconsistency of being injured and performance.  I don’t pay attention to that, Butler is a strong borderline LB1 option but more so a top tier LB2.  He’s been cheap in drafts and trades and I’ve been lucky to acquire him; he’s an every week starter without question. 


  • DESMOND TRUFANT (FALCONS):  the future cover corner in the NFL, he definitely had an under the radar good rookie season last year.  I know the IDP community states to stream DB’s as their week in week out scores fluctuate but with Trufant I’ve been an avid buyer, he’s not elite (yet) but he’ll definitely flirt with CB1 numbers and have a strong DB2 season.  
  • JASON MCCOURTY (TITANS):  after having a stellar 2012 season where he had 100+ tackles, he fell off the radar.  With Horton calling the shots now you can expect McCourty to lock it back up into CB1 territory.  Underrated tackler and has a knack for the ball, you can get McCourty cheap on the trade market or late in the draft.  He’s an every week starter for me this season  


  • HARRISON SMITH (VIKINGS):  battled an injury riddled 2013 season but looked like his old-self down the stretch, when he came back.  Smith makes a case to end up being the #1 ranked DB at season’s end; he’s the backbone of this secondary and puts up elite numbers.  He’s definitely worth being the 3rd or 4th DB/S taken off the board. 
  • JONATHAN CYPRIEN (JAGUARS):  Cyprien broke into the IDP scene last year as a rookie; although didn’t look good on film sometimes but that doesn’t matter in the IDP world (unless he loses his job).  Cyprien is a baller and he’s another DB I’m all in for this season and beyond, won’t surprise me if he finishes in the top 5 as he’ll continue to pad the stats.  If the front 7 can’t generate pressure on the QB, more so Cyprien and the secondary will get their opportunity.  Rising DB1 without hesitation. 



7 thoughts on “IDPwithBEE MAN-CRUSH TEAM”

  1. IDP always has me stumped. I usually end up streaming players to make it work but this year we have an auction for players with a $100 budget. I’d like to get out ahead of the pack before prices are inflated for IDP.

    This is who I currently have and some of who are currently available on the wire.

    If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated!

    Have: L. Timmons, D. Smith, M. Kendricks, Z. Brown, K. Robinson

    Available: N. Bowman, D. Trevathan, C. Kirksey, K. Misi, J. Houston, V. Rey, etc.

    Have: C. Dunlap, G. McCoy, G. Selvie

    Available: A. Clayborn, N. Suh, J. Hughes, A. Hicks, D. Taylor, D. Moore, E. Griffen

    Have: S. Brown, P. Amukamara, M. Jenkins

    Available: D. Searcy, D. Trufant, D. Bucannon, C. Pryor.


    1. whats up Mike, alright let me help you out here

      solid LB group not sure how your league’s scoring is but one i’d consider in the near future is Houston > Zach Brown (if it favors Houston, sacks and all) – also, Trevathan is back around week 5 i’d consider him > Brown if you dont want Houston FWIW i have Trevathan > Houston > Brown

      for DL – i’d drop Selvie and add Griffen asap, Griffen is about to have a career year, if you lose out on Griffen i’d replace with Hughes.

      DB’s – you’re solid except i’d take Pryor > Jenkins and leave the rest be. Keep your eye on Bucannon and Searcy though

      anything else let me know thank you

      1. Thanks Bee! Glad to hear I mostly did alright, I’ll try and get Griffen and Pryor.

        Sacks – 3
        Interceptions returned td – 6
        Fumble returned td – 6
        Int – 3
        Fumble recovered – 3
        Fumble forced – 3
        Safety – 2
        Tackle – 1

        Knowing this how do you think I should approach my LB?

        I could drop Brown. Stash Trevathan. and use Houston until Trevathan returns.


      2. I wouldn’t drop Stevie Brown, when healthy he’s a top 10 DB – or can put up those type of numbers

        if anything id drop Jenkins for Pryor to strengthen your DB’s

        and as for the scoring, that could help Houston some (when he creates those turnovers) BUT i’d just keep him on radar for now unless Brown starts acting up again – give it up to week 2-3 plus is Trevathan still on waivers you could drop Brown for him as Trevathan will be back week 5

      3. sorry, totally forgot that Brown was Zach Brown my mind is not here at the moment,

        yes make that move – stash Trevathan and use Houston

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