IDPwithBEE Who is Jamie Collins?



Standing 6’4 and the opposing teams Quarterback throws the ball in the flat, here comes #91; the QB takes a 3-step drop and #91 is there in his grill it seems like no matter what the offense does #91 stands out and ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to the New England Patriots sophomore rising star; OLB Jamie Collins.

Jamie Collins played sparingly throughout the regular season, saw a couple starts and when playoff time came around he got nearly 98% of the defensive snaps.  If you watched either of the regular season or playoff game(s) when Collins was on the field you’d instantly notice #91 was everywhere and he stood out.  Collins is becoming a versatile LB as he can get after the QB (see picture above,  no Luck for Luck) and has the capability to cover running back’s and tight ends when he drops back into coverage.

The word breakout has been applied to Collins during the off-season; but I already figured that out as I watched Collins towards the end of the 2013 regular season & playoffs (especially the playoff game against IND).  Collins was one of my favorite linebacker prospects in the draft entering last season and no better team he could’ve landed on.  Collins is about to explode on the IDP scene; and one thing we love the most about LB’s is “are they a 3-down player” and Collins fits the criteria there.

A reporter had asked Collins what was one of areas he’d like to focus in training camp and Collins had this to say.  “Just to play a little faster, man”  he answered.  “Just get the playbook down all the way down so i can just go out here and go all out.”

Collins plays fast but when he plays with instincts he is insanely quick and strong.  He is about to scratch the surface of his potential as he starts putting it all together in 2014.  For IDP purposes, Jamie Collins can have a DeAndre Levy IDP profile, where he’ll give you a bunch of tackles yet specializes being all over the field so anywhere in the range of 3-5 interceptions and 9-12 pass deflections is a bonus and definitely attainable.  Right now Jamie Collins has flown under the radar and you’d be able to draft him as your LB4 sometimes even LB5 and at that rate that’s nearly robbery as he’ll give you LB2 numbers when the season is over.  Collins upside is appealing and definitely worth keeping an eye on; don’t pass up Collins on draft day.

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