Don’t You; Forget About Me

There comes a time during the fantasy football off-season where all the incoming rookies get all the talk then we focus too much on who’ll regress and whose value is too high or too low; I’m here today to tell you about an IDP who seems to be forgotten because he’s not a “hot commodity” but is a steady contributor.

He put himself on the IDP map back in 2011 when he had a career high 105 tackles (85 solo) and 13 Pass Deflections while starting 15 games.  That stat line in itself is an elite CB1 in IDP world and continued that trend in 2012 as he started all 16 games for the first time in his career.  In 2012 he finished 5th among CB’s and 12th overall among DB’s (CB/S) by posting 93 tackles (73 solo) 17 Pass Deflections and a career high 4 interceptions.  Enter 2013 and some say he “fell off” when all he had been a down year from our perspective yet  he still was the 10th ranked corner at Pro Football Focus (PFF) as he put up 77 tackles (54 solo) 16 pass deflections but had 0 interceptions (that hurts).

Enter 2014 where he’ll be entering his 4th season as a starter and keep in mind, he lost a key contributor opposite him in 2011 & 2013 where both put up IDP worth numbers.  Replacing within, he’s the clear-cut CB1 once again and that could hurt him but I’m not buying that as I continue to target him throughout drafts as a late round steal.  His averages as a 3-year starter are 88 tackles, 13 pass deflections, 2 interceptions per season and that my friends is top-tier shape for CB1/DB1 status yet you’re getting this guy as a CB2/DB2 value because he’s not the “hot” name out there anymore.  In a couple of drafts I’ve seen him be the 20th or 30th CB taken and that’s absurd but thats where you’ll benefit because you’ll be able to fill other positions knowing this stud still remains.  He now gets a new defensive coordinator whom his recent CB1’s had great seasons and made their first Pro-Bowl (i know it doesn’t mean much) and the new d-coordinator is already impressed with this guy because of his physical presence he brings and is a very good tackler, brings aggressiveness with a small stature.  The new flexible scheme could allow this guy to put up even better numbers from any career high he posted within the last 3 years, from getting a QB sack to increasing his interception number.

Ladies and gentlemen, this guy plays for the Tennessee Titans and his name is Jason McCourty – don’t forget him come draft day as he’ll become a draft day steal.

Jason McCourty


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