With linebackers and defensive linemen out of the way, it’s time to take a look at 5 cornerbacks that should be on your draft list.  There’s a saying going around in the IDP world that you can stream your CB’s/DB’s and that’s absolutely true because week in week out the top 10 varies with and there’ll be a couple CB’s on there that you may not have heard of before.  Take that with a grain of salt though, there are a handful of CB’s that I believe you absolutely must own and 5 of them are here.  One thing about cornerbacks though, you kind of don’t want the shutdown corners because for one; they rarely get it thrown their way so the opportunities to put up numbers isn’t there.  Drafting CB’s is like a mind game but doesn’t require that much thinking; pretty much just throw darts with your eyes closed and you could get lucky; like how Barry Church owners got last year.

Robert Alford

  1. ROBERT ALFORD, Atlanta Falcons:  Alford is a ball hawk and I liked him a lot in last year’s draft but I knew he had to wait about a year or two before it’ll be his time.  Enter year two and it’s his time now; in spot duty he had 7 pass deflections and 2 interceptions.  With Asante Samuel now gone, Alford takes CB2 duties for Atlanta next to Trufant and the next best duo is about to make their presence felt in 2014-2105.  Alford has some serious upside, his big play ability will rack him up some points, being that he’s a starter now getting at least 15 pass deflections and 5-7 interceptions are in play.  Alford goes undrafted in a lot of leagues so you’d be able to snag him late and you’ll thank me later.
  2. DESMOND TRUFANT, Atlanta Falcons:  Yes, Alford’s teammate Trufant is an elite sleeper entering 2014.  He probably had the quietest dominant rookie year nobody talks about; Trufant is legit and is a rising superstar in this league.  How good of a year did Trufant have, he finished CB21, which is CB2 territory (he’s approaching CB1 by the way) and had 70 total tackles and 17 pass deflections.  He’s quietly gaining ground in some drafts but still getting him a cheap price; even trading for him will be cheap or should be.  So as you’re reading this I hope you’ve written down Trufant’s name on your list or engraved his name in your brain because he’s one CB you won’t want to miss out on.
  3. CASEY HAYWARD, Green Bay Packers:  What a welcoming sight this will be for the Packers as they get their ball hawk CB back.  He came flying out of nowhere in his rookie season and put his name on the map; he’s going to pick up where he left off and I hope he hasn’t been forgotten because I haven’t and I’ve patiently been waiting for his arrival back.  During his rookie season, Hayward put up 21 pass deflections and had 6 interceptions – highly impressive.  His price is real cheap right now and is flying under the radar, people forgot about him.  In CB-only leagues he has serious consideration as a CB1 but you can get him at CB3 value right now.
  4. BYRON MAXWELL, Seattle Seahawks:  whoever plays opposite Sherman they’re bound to see their opportunity to make plays.  With Thurmond gone to the Giants, Maxwell is the next man up and he’s not too shabby.  Maxwell posted 12 pass deflections and 4 interceptions last year; he could easily par with the interceptions and possibly add 1-2 more but I expect his pass deflections to increase a few and he’ll rack up a bunch more tackles.  You could probably grab Maxwell off waivers in your league, and if it’d blind bid go ahead and bid $1 – he should be all yours right after.
  5. DWAYNE GRATZ, Jacksonville Jaguars:  Gratz is primed for a big season, as he’ll see starter snaps in 2014.  Gratz put up 2 interceptions and 3 pass deflections in spot play in 2013; that’ll translate to bigger numbers in 2014 and I won’t be surprised when he doubles his interceptions and triples his pass deflections.  He is an underrated cover corner and with the improving Jaguars defense; you can only believe that improving secondary will take the next step forward.  The theme of these 5 CB’s that I’m providing for you are that you can get them cheap and at a great value at the moment (before their value rises).  I got Gratz at a solid CB2 value and needs to be on that list of yours; just saying.

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