As I continue this segment of IDP buyers market this off-season, I’ll be looking at five more IDP’s who I believe will be a benefit to your team next season, acquiring him pre-breakout but if you already own either of these guys, you’re in good hands.  We’re all trying too look for that next breakout or have that advantage over your league mates, start now and put your worries aside as we hope for a healthy off-season (this past off-season was too much to handle with injuries).  As always, feel free to reach me via twitter @IDPwithBEE_DSE.

joplo bartu

  1. JOPLO BARTU / LB / Atlanta Falcons:  Bartu took over early on as Weatherspoon got hurt and Nicholas couldn’t get on the field, let’s just say Bartu never let this opportunity slip.  He had a solid season with 84 tackles (47 solo) 3.5 QB Sacks 8-TFL and 1 PD; with his best game coming on week 16 as he posted 11 tackles (10 solo).  He’s been under the radar but entering next season I have him as a strong LB3 option with LB2 upside, with Worrilow and Weatherspoon around it’ll be tough for Bartu to gauge LB1 status but will have his weeks where he puts up LB1 numbers.  He’s not a sexy name but neither was Geno Hayes and they produce, it shouldn’t cost a lot to get him if you’re looking for LB depth. 
  2. JAMIE COLLINS / LB / New England Patriots:  As I studied Jamie during the NFL draft he’s turned out to be one of my top 5 LB’s I thought that would succeed and better late than never.  Can’t blame Collins as he was buried on the depth chart, but as injuries piled up he had to step up his game and he did that.  I remember watching the game against the Texans and Broncos and noticed Collins was everywhere, lining up just about everywhere on the field too.  Looking like he’ll get a full-time role next season, the word breakout is in bold on this guy.  He racked up 13 tackles (9 solo) 2PD 1 QB Sack and 1 INT in 2 playoff games this season as well as posted a 10 tackles and 8-tackle performance during the season.  Collins has a LB2 ceiling in Big Play leagues and remains a strong LB3 option in standard leagues, if you’re looking for that one big play LB that’s on the cheap this is your guy. jamie collins
  3. COLIN MCCARTHY / LB / Tennessee Titans:  when Fokou was out with an injury, McCarthy took over and posted 37 tackles 1 FF 1 INT 1 TD in 4 starts.  How he couldn’t beat out Fokou, well it’s a question I can’t find an answer too as well.  With newly hired Horton as the D-Coordinator things are going to change in Tennessee, as they’ll play a hybrid scheme so if McCarthy has a solid off-season then I see no problem in him starting and taking the “Robertson Role” in Tennessee.  I’m banking on this happening, which will vault McCarthy back into borderline LB2 territory, and you’ll be able to feel more confident in starting him.  Another big thing for McCarthy is he needs to avoid the injury bug as well;if he gets the starting job again he’s in the Foster/Demario tier. 
  4. WILL HILL / DB / New York Giants:  Just like DL, I’ve mentioned you could stream DB’s throughout the season to get you by, just in case you didn’t have one of elite.  With Rolle and Brown (RFA) questionable to return, Rolle could be a cap casualty but that’s uncertain right now.  Hill as flown under the radar early on then ramped it up mid-season to vault himself into DB2 territory and put himself on the IDP map.  He finished the season with 77 tackles (60 solo) 1FR 2FF 2INT 2PD 1TD and his best game was week 16 as he posted 11 tackles 1INT 1PD 1TD.  He’s averaged about 6 tackles per game, 10 points per games, which is quite solid because DB’s can be very hit and miss.  Tough to judge now but if you need some stability at DB, Hill is a solid buy and I can see a DB1 type potential but nonetheless a strong DB2. shamarko thomas
  5. SHAMARKO THOMAS / DB / Pittsburgh Steelers:  Many and myself compared him to Bob Sanders because not only his height but how he keys in on ball carriers and hits them hard.  Already nicknamed “the headache” and if you’ve seen him play you’d know why (with the above comparison as well).  He didn’t start but played in some nickel packages and his best game came against the Patriots as he posted 8 tackles (7 solo) and ended the season with 29 tackles (22 solo).  With Clark and Polamalu hitting that “age” it’s time Steelers go with the youth movement, and a year under his belt learning from Clark & Polamalu isn’t that bad neither.  Shamarko will make strides this off-season and appear on many radars, so if you can grab him now go for it.  Shamarko has a DB2 ceiling with potential to put up big games, filling the stat sheet will come.  I don’t want to be one of those guys that tells you “I told you so” so quit wasting time and make an offer for Shamarko, the price tag should be cheap and I would trade someone like Jason McCourty for Shamarko.  

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