IDPwithBEE Who Is LaRoy Reynolds?



LaRoy Reynolds is another UDFA (UnDrafted Free Agent) that is making some noise for his respective team in training camp.  But, lets rewind a bit to see where Reynolds came up from.  He played OLB at Virginia University and racked up a solid 250 tackles throughout his career.  He ran a 4.6 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine and has an NFL ready body, very chiseled linebacker.  He was ignored for all the post-season all-star games; so at the combine and pro day is where he had to shine and that he did, he set personal records on his workouts and some thought he’d make a solid fullback at the next level.

 NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars

Now lets fast-forward to today; where Reynolds has signed on with the Jacksonville Jaguars as an UDFA.  He has a great opportunity to shine and make the most of because of the lack of depth at linebacker.  Being that he’s an UDFA, Reynolds realizes he has to work harder than the next and smarter, limit his mistakes and learn from them on a daily basis.  In the beginning it seemed as if Reynolds wasn’t a lock to make the final 53-man roster and realized he’d have to contribute in other areas too.  Reynolds said, “Just giving this team a spark anywhere I can, being able to play fast, know your assignments, and that’s what I plan to do, especially on special teams.” Teammate and another UDFA, Russell Allen, has been battling an ankle sprain recently so Reynolds has been getting 1st team reps at both Middle (MIKE) and strongside (SAM) Linebacker positions; but it shouldn’t be a hard process because he’ll be going from MIKE to SAM as it would’ve been a lot more difficult to move from SAM to MIKE.  Having Reynolds learn different responsibilities from different positions will only help Reynolds give an impact and make the final roster.  Veteran linebacker, Paul Posluszny, has been very impressed with Reynolds and stated he can help us.  His mentality is “compete, work everyday and yes, get better.”

 LaRoy Reynolds 2

He’s been one of the standout rookies in camp and has never changes his approach whether he’s with the 3rd team or 1st team, he’s going out to prove himself and learn all his assignments.  He is solid against the run as that’s what stood out in camp and being noticed from teammates.  Having Reynolds move around though will help Gus Bradley get a feel on where he’ll fit once Allen comes back because LaRoy has definitely earned his starting reps as he worked hard all off-season to get where he is.  Reynolds is one of those players who come out of nowhere and if he gets the starting nod he’ll soon enough appear on the IDP radar as well, he’s already on mine and as the regular season approaches I’m rooting for this guy to make the final roster.  If and when he makes the final 53-man roster he could have some IDP value, one of those waiver wire keep an eye on type player, kind of like Russell Allen last year.  Then when Reynolds lands the starting job he’ll have some LB4 value with upside and I like his upside more than I do with Russell Allen.  So, if you haven’t already, take notice on Reynolds and keep him on your watch list as he could have an impact not only on the field but on your IDP roster as well.




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