IDPwithBEE 5 CB SLEEPERS in 2013

IDPwithBEE 5 CB SLEEPERS in 2013

It may seem that the safeties are the lone IDP’s you’d want to own, they have their own argument; but I’m here to tell you 5 CB’s to keep an eye on during your draft that you could probably steal in the later rounds.  Cornerbacks need their love too besides the studs on the top (Tillman, Finnegan for example), there is some value to be had to go along with the incoming rookies.  If you play in a league that rewards pass deflections or has a bonus for a certain amount of pass deflections then you’d normally target CB’s and that’s where these guys come in.  The CB’s I’m about to tell you about are all in prime opportunity to put up some big numbers.

dre kirkpatrick


  1. DRE KIRKPATRICK, BENGALS:  Kirkpatrick suffered and battled injuries throughout his rookie season and that isn’t what he had planned.  He’s still recovering from off-season knee surgery but is expected to be ready for training camp.  Dre recently said “I’m going to start, that’s my goal, that’s what I believe in and that’s what I stand for.”  Kirkpatrick will be competing against Newman for the starting CB position opposite Hall and I believe he’ll have no problem taking it from him.  In his limited snaps Kirkpatrick looked fluid and was able to stay with his man, saw glimpse of the shut-down corner he was at Alabama.  Dre is a big CB (6’2) and most of the time at Alabama opposing QB’s didn’t throw his way but that’ll all change in CIN where he’ll have his opportunity to make plays and be effective.  His height and ball skills alone should make him a lock for at least 13 PD’s.  He seems to be a forgotten one on draft day so you’d be able to get him cheap as your CB3 or DB3/4 as he has a DB2 type ceiling when he starts. 
  2. DEREK COX, CHARGERS: Derek joins a new team and a team he can shine on.  He’ll fit Pagano’s press coverage defense just fine and is another big corner; just has a problem staying healthy.  Cox has 4 interceptions in 3 of the last 4 seasons and will be a lock for at least 4 interceptions in 2013.  He’ll be the CB1 in San Diego where he has the opportunity to put up CB2/DB3 numbers with a definite upside to DB2.  In 2012 Derek posted 72 tackles 4 int 1 FR and 11 PD’s, high possibility Cox increases his PD’s by a few and should range around the same amount of tackles with a slight uptick in the int department.  If Derek increases his stats across the board we could be looking at CB1/DB1 territory and will be a definite steal on draft day.  Cox is definitely worth a mid-late round flier, especially if you have an elite DB on your roster already. derek cox
  3. STEPHON GILMORE, BILLS:  Gilmore started off his rookie campaign shaky, but thru the last 11 games of the season he kept his opposing WR out of the end zone and shown why he’s a legit CB1 talent on the field.  He posted a solid 16 PD’s and forced 3 fumbles, although he just had 1 interception all year long that doesn’t worry me; it’ll increase.  Gilmore has his side of the field locked down and could possibly reach the 4-5 int mark in ’13.  I like Gilmore as a solid CB2/DB2 especially if you play in a league that rewards points for pass deflections.  An improving Bills defense could also help Gilmore as the opposing QB’s would have to get the ball out quicker which allows Gilmore to make his reads and get a pick six.  Being a lockdown defender could also hurt Gilmore in the IDP world as he may not get thrown at as often as I’d expect; but I’m banking on him seeing his fair share of balls thrown his way and the opportunity to make plays.  So, draft Gilmore as your DB2; I already did. 
  4. BRENT GRIMES, DOLPHINS:  Grimes ruptured his Achilles in week 1 during the 2012 season just when he was well on his way to stamping his name amongst the top CB’s in the IDP world.  His career year happened back in 2010 (86 tackles, 5 int’s, 23 PD’s) and put up 49 tackles and 14 PD’s thru 12 games in 2011; so consistency isn’t a question with Grimes.  He now joins the Dolphins in hopes they have a legit CB1 and he is on pace to be ready for training camp.  One has to wonder how effective Grimes can be after his Achilles injury, I say he’ll get off to a slow start but once he starts to feel comfortable and shake off the rust he’ll return to form.  I’ve seen Grimes go towards the last few rounds to undrafted in IDP Drafts as most will be cautious because of his injury (I don’t blame you) but I like to take risks and I’ll gladly take Grimes as a CB/DB backup on my roster.  If he gets back to form, you got yourself a steal and a solid CB/DB2 and a repeat of his 2010 numbers isn’t out of the question. 
  5. KEENAN LEWIS, SAINTS:  Keenan had a solid season in 2012, he led the league in pass deflections with 23, posted 71 tackles and looks to be coming into his own.  He’s effective in zone and is physical enough to press coverage.  As he joins the Saints he’ll be opposite Greer and you’d have to think Lewis comes close to his 2012 numbers because he’ll be covering WR’s who’ll get thrown the ball regardless (Roddy, Julio, VJax, Steve Smith, Mike Williams) so he’ll have his hands full.  Lewis has gone undrafted in majority of the mocks I’ve been in, but if you play in a CB league then I’d advise you to draft him as he’ll be a solid CB2.  At the very least he’ll get 15 PD’s which is still a solid number, will provide a handful of INT’s and I expect his tackle numbers to float around the same.  He’s a solid DB3 for depth and will be good to have on your bench for spot starts. 

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