What’s up everyone, excel isn’t working with me tonight so I have to post the old fashion way, I’ll try to re-do it on my work computer when i get there in the morning but had to get it out to you guys and as always thanks for the support and if it’s playoff time for you, kick some butt and I will help you win that title!

  1. JJ Watt (Texans) @ NEP 
  2. Jared Allen (Vikings) vs CHI
  3. Mario Williams (Bills) vs STL
  4. Jason Pierre-Paul (Giants) vs NOS
  5. Charles Johnson (Panthers) vs ATL
  6. Elvis Dumervil (Broncos) @ OAK
  7. Geno Atkins (Bengals) vs DAL
  8. Julius Peppers (Bears) @ MIN
  9. Greg Hardy (Panthers) vs ATL
  10. John Abraham (Falcons) @ CAR
  11. Cameron Wake (Dolphins) @ SF
  12. Chris Clemons (Seahawks) vs ARI
  13. Cliff Avril (Lions) @ GBP
  14. Justin Smith (49ers) vs MIA
  15. Michael Johnson (Bengals) vs DAL
  16. Jason Babin (Jaguars) vs NYJ
  17. Brandon Graham (Eagles) @ TBB
  18. Brian Robison (Vikings) vs CHI
  19. Chris Long (Rams) @ BUF
  20. Muhammad Wilkerson (Jets) @ JAC
  21. Ndamukong Suh (Lions) @ GBP
  22. Michael Bennett (Bucs) vs PHI
  23. Chandler Jones (Patriots) vs HOU
  24. Carlos Dunlap (Bengals) vs DAL
  25. Robert Quinn (Rams) @ BUF
  26. Jabaal Sheard (Browns) vs KCC
  27. Nick Fairley (Lions) @ GBP
  28. Justin Tuck (Giants) vs NOS
  29. Calais Campbell – Q (Cardinals) @ SEA – if he is good to play i’d bump him up to 18 right below Graham.
  30. Corey Liuget (Chargers) @ PIT

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