IDPwithBEE Takes a Look at 5 DL

Do You Hold or Just Let Them Go?


Recently, I’ve been getting quite a few questions about these IDP’s, most are worried owners who don’t know what to do, cut bait with them or keep the faith.  Well, look no further as I’m here to tell you exactly what you could do and I hope this clears the smoke that’s been lingering above with these frustrations.  There are 5 DL that I’ll discuss and you’ll soon find out whether you’ll be dropping them (especially if Re-Draft league) or hanging on by a thread (arguable to keep if in dynasty).


  1. JUSTIN TUCK, Giants – What happened to this guy, who used to be one of the elite DE’s in the NFL.  The emergence of JPP, I thought would help Tuck because he’d face less double teams but that’s not the case.  PFF (Pro Football Focus) has a rating of Tuck at -3.5 and thru 8 games only totaling 12 QB hurries and 1 QB Sack, which he got in week 7 against the Redskins.  Now, is there a chance for him to rebound, sure he’s too talented of a DE to NOT put up any sort of numbers.  His remaining schedule includes prime match-ups against PIT, GBP, WAS, BAL and CIN then again we all thought he had a prime match-up against the Cowboys a week ago.  If you had him on roster this long you’re probably stuck with him until the rest of the season unless there is a more viable option available (depends on league size and roster spots) but if you have the depth feel free to let Tuck go, he could also hurt you more than help you.  I’m hopeful he turns it around, at least for the majority of games remaining because the one league I have him in is a dynasty league and he’s more than likely a keeper (big rosters).  Verdict : droppable 
  2. KAMERION WIMBLEY, Titans – This is why you should hang onto Wimbley and keep the faith alive, or pick him up if he’s available on your waivers.  Wimbley will be a strong DL2 rest of season and you’re probably ready to ask me, well what has Wimbley done to generate that.  As a 4-3 End he’s the #1 under PFF’s category Pass Rush Productivity with a 11.3 rating.  He has a total of 35 QB Hurries and 41 QB Pressures with a PFF rating of 10.3 (last 3 games 5.5, 3.7 and 4.8 rating) to go along with a measly 3 QB Sacks, Wimbley’s problem is not getting to the QB its finishing the job had he gotten there quicker.  Wimbley’s remaining opponents include a juicy steak dinner match-up with Chicago in week 9 and he’ll get his shot at GBP, MIA, IND, NYJ and JAC (not in weekly order).  Wimbley is Tennessee’s best pass rusher, don’t be fooled by Derrick Morgan who is having an impressive season (Finally).  Verdict : Hold/Pick-Up 
  3. CHARLES JOHNSON, Panthers – Johnson can give you headaches because there will be one week that he provides you with a monster game (3.5 QB Sacks) followed up by providing you with doughnuts in the box score.  His season total of 5.5 QB Sacks have come in 2 of 7 games played and if you’re an owner I want to say you probably started him on only 1 of those 2 games where he gave you 2 or more QB Sacks.  Here’s some hope, some insight provided by PFF, Johnson is the #2 Overall in Pass Rush Productivity (13.4) only trailing Wake (14.1).  Johnson has provided pressure on the QB 33 times, hurried 22 times and has 6 QB Sacks on the season.  There’s a chance where Johnson can put up 2-3 QB Sacks in a game before the season is over because look who he’s facing rest of the way; WAS/DEN/TBB/PHI/KCC/ATL/SDC/OAK – of that bunch only Denver is giving up the least amount of QB Sacks but you can’t tell me the match-ups against KCC, SDC, PHI and TBB aren’t intriguing.  His week 9 match-up against RGIII will be interesting but I bet Johnson gets to him at least once.  Verdict: strong hold, even in dynasty. 
  4. MARIO WILLIAMS, Bills – This is probably one of the top IDP players I get asked about the most and I don’t blame you, entering the season his expectations were high especially since he was going back to a 4-3 defense.  You can say he’s been nursing a wrist injury; nobody knew about, all season long but why risk your production if you’re not helping the team? At PFF he has a rating of -3.1 with 3 QB Sacks (2 coming against ARI) and just 13 QB Hurries and 11 total tackles thru 7 games.  That’s not the kind of stats you expect to see from a DE who got paid top dollars, at least Charles Johnson has something to show for it.  In redraft leagues you can drop him off in the dump whereas in dynasty leagues you could hang onto him if you’re able to (meaning you have depth and don’t have to start Mario every week).  He has some favorable match-ups against STL, IND and JAC and he faces MIA twice so that’s a hit or miss.  He’s been much of a disappointment though and I don’t blame you if you want to cut ties with him, its worth rolling the dice on someone else if you only start 1 DL and you only roster 1, could have more production in waivers such as Brian Robison or Muhammed Wilkerson.  Verdict: Droppable (Redraft leagues) Hold (dynasty leagues) 
  5. JABAAL SHEARD, Browns – After an impressive rookie campaign I had high hopes for Sheard entering the 2012 NFL Season.  We’re talking high as I would pass up the top DE’s just to wait to grab him later figured I’d get a steal, a 10 QB Sack player mid-round.  So far it’s not working out that way and I’ve parted ways with Sheard as I held on with hope he’d improve but that hasn’t been the case all year long.  If you’re continuing to hold out hope best of luck to you but I’d cut ties with Sheard already.  His PFF Rating is -3.5 and only provided 17 QB Hurries and 1 QB Sack thru 8 games.  Some may say the lost of Phil Taylor has hurt Sheard, which could be true.  Even in dynasty leagues you can cut ties with him, there should be the same or better talent in your FA/Rookie draft in 2013. But, don’t take your eyes off Sheard, not yet he’s in his 2nd season and can turn it around.  Verdict: Droppable 

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