Call me boring but I pick yet another player entering his 2nd season in the NFL.  Something about the 2011 Draft Class that drew my attention, filled with potential.  Martez played sparingly in his rookie season and with the off-season signing of Lofton, Hawthorne and Chamberlain the question arose about Martez and where he’ll play.  Spags wanted to move Martez to DE, and thru OTA’s and all Martez has shined at that position.  Wilson’s forte’ is getting to the QB as he led Illinois in 2012 in tackles (105) tackles for loss (10.5) and sacks (5).  You should insert Martez on your ranking sheet or keep him on close watch, he’s definitely worth a late round pick.  Martez himself has put a lot of pressure on himself as he declared he’d be a Hall of Famer one day, well time for him to get to work and show it.  I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll start at DE for the Saints in 2012 and we can see him scratch the surface on big things.  Getting undrafted in every league, someone you can stash and wait till his moment arrives as I believe he has DL2 potential. 

2012 Predictions : 59 tackles 9.5 sacks 2FF 1FR 4PD


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