DJ will be battling AJ Hawk during camp for the starting job.  In DJ’s short stint as a starter (4 games) he’s shown that he’s capable of more production than Hawk.  Hawk is a savvy vet and a leader on defense but he’s already peaked and it’s a what you see is what you get type of thing.  I say let Smith crack the starting spot alongside Desmond Bishop and see what he can do.  Although it’s only 4 games, Smith had a higher tackle efficiency than Hawks. In his 4 games that he’s started in 2011 DJ put up a total of 33 tackles, and if my math is correct he’d be on pace for almost 120 total tackles for the season (if he started from week 1).  From a small sample size we’ve seen on what DJ can do, I don’t expect mind blowing numbers but when he earns the starting spot he’d be someone to put on your watch list, a solid LB3 or a bye-week filler for one of your elite LBs. 

2012 Predictions : 97 total tackles 2FF 1FR 5PD 1INT


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