IDPw/BEE 10 Favorable D/ST during PLAYOFFS

The majority hasn’t come into the IDP world yet and that’s fine because I also take my shots at D/ST’s for those that have them in their leagues.  I’ve come up with my top 10 D/ST’s you’d like to own during Fantasy Playoff Time (Weeks 14,15 and 16).  The top 5 D/ST’s I have ranked here should be the favorites of yours to target, some aren’t drafted and some you could pick up throughout the season.  Are you ready? I know I’am and thanks for reading, here are my Top 10 D/ST’s you’d like to own come playoff time.

BOLD = HOME GAME / Italic = Away Games

RK TEAM WK 14 WK 15 WK 16 Quick Hits 
1 Buffalo Bills STL SEA MIA won’t be facing any elite offense’s and 2 games at home
2 New England Patriots HOU SF JAX 2 gms at home and will get you a bunch of pts esp wk 16
3 New York Jets JAX TEN SDC 2 road gms but against Gabbert & Locker, lock it up. 
4 Houston Texans NEP IND MIN Get Thru NEP & they’ll reward you against IND & MIN
5 Seattle Seahawks ARI BUF SF no powerhouse OFF facing, will create a lot of TO’s
6 San Francisco 49ers MIA NEP SEA #1 DEF & can they stop NEP? MIA best match to give you pts
7 Philadelphia Eagles TBB CIN WAS got to love the 2 hm gms, when healthy DEF puts up stats
8 Kansas City Chiefs CLE OAK IND this DEF alone should make great strides in ’12
9 Green Bay Packers DET CHI TEN they give up a lot of pts but also provide you with pts
10 Chicago Bears MIN GBP ARI this unit is strong across the board, keep GBP under 28

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