On Wednesday May 30, 2012 the NBA held its Draft Lottery with a ton of scenerios that could happen.  With the leagues worst record you had to figure Charlotte Bobcats were a lock to get the #1 pick; but that’s not what happened.  The 1st pick of the 2012 NBA Draft belongs to non other than NBA-owned New Orleans Hornets, some figure conspiracy but thats up to you.  With their luck the Bobcats got the 2nd overall pick which isn’t bad as most people seem to make it.  So now that we know who the first 14 picks belong too I will go ahead and take my own stab at the draft and see how I pan out when draft is held on June 28th. 



1 NOH Anthony Davis PF/C Not a franchise savior but a start, esp presence on defense  
2 CHA Michael Kidd-Gilchrist SF Best talent in draft, non-stop motor, leader   
3 WAS Thomas Robinson PF Goes to a team in need of inside presence  
4 CLE Bradley Beal SG Purest scorer in draft, CLE grabs a future all-star  
5 SAC Harrison Barnes SF best avail – think Paul Pierce type not flashy but gets it done  
6 POR Andre Drummond C 2nd best big man in draft, POR fills a need  
7 GSW Perry Jones III PF has the talent, outside range for big man perfect for GSW  
8 TOR Dion Waiters SG DeMar can move to SF, gives TOR more athleticism  
9 DET Terrence Jones SF Prince is old, Jones can take over at the SF spot  
10 NOH Damian Lillard PG purest PG in draft, this is NOH Franchise PG after losing CP3  
11 POR Jeremy Lamb SG 2nd best SG in draft, POR fills another need  
12 MIL Tyler Zeller C great around the basket, hustles and solid rebounder  
13 PHX Kendall Marshall PG not fast or athletic but best passer in college, follows Nash  
14 HOU Jared Sullinger PF think Paul Milsap type player for Houston, great rebounder  

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