As we end week 6 and look forward to week 7 and beyond here’s a quick look at some of the top rookies per IDP position (DL, LB and DB).  As usual the top half of each position is those to own and the one’s on the bottom half are still learning and/or vying for more playing time.  Point is, their rookies, be patient with them some have a better opportunity than others and a couple got injured before the season even started so i’ll also state whether or not some of these guys should be rostered or kept heading into next year, if you play in a dynasty league. As usual if you have any questions you can send me a mention via twitter at @IDPwithBEE


  1. JABAAL SHEARD, Browns – 16 TT 6.5 TFL 1 FR 2 FF 2 Sacks / should be owned in all leagues and a viable DL2 starter for rest of season. 
  2. PHIL TAYLOR, Browns – 23 TT 4 TFL 2 Sacks / a definite must add if you have a DT position and worth a stash on roster, could make a solid DL2 play too. 
  3. JJ WATT, Texans – 18 TT 2 TFL 1 FR 1 Sack / with Mario out will be asked of more, but solid start so far for the rookie, definite add in leagues. 
  4. MARCEL DAREUS, Bills – 15 TT 1.5 TFL 1 Sack / if your league has a DT position then he’s an add, if not keep an eye out on Dareus, his numbers will rise.
  5. JURRELL CASEY, Titans – 16 TT 1 TFL 1 Sack / Casey’s been decent, no need to add but just know Titans have a lot of depth and talent on that defensive line.
  1. RYAN KERRIGAN, Redskins – 23TT 3TFL 2FF 1int 3Sacks 3PD / should be owned in all leagues, solid campaign so far and my favorite to win rookie of the year, LB2 for rest of season. 
  2. MASON FOSTER, Bucs – 32TT 4.5TFL 1FR 1FF 2Sacks / my fav rookie LB taken in the draft, kid is a ballhawk and sound tackler, battling an ankle injury right now but solid LB2 with LB1 potential.
  3. JACQUIAN WILLIAMS, Giants – 35TT 1.5TFL 1FR 2PD / got the opportunity with all the injuries to the Giants LB corp but Williams is surely taking advantage of it, deep leagues or big rosters worth a spot
  4. ALDON SMITH, 49ers – 11TT 5.5TFL 1FF 5.5Sacks 1PD / kid’s on the rise, grab him ASAP will be DeMarcus Ware-like and already showing signs, keep in mind those 5.5 sacks are from 3 straight games.
  5. BRIAN ROLLE, Eagles – 22TT 3PD / not much here but he’s arguably the Eagles 2nd best LB, i wouldn’t worry much about adding Brian.
  1. PATRICK PETERSON, Cardinals – 25TT 1INT 3PD / worth a stash in dynasty leagues, having a decent season, shown his playmaking ability at times, for now spot start/bye week start
  2. RAHIM MOORE, Broncos – 16TT 1FR 1INT 1PD / Moore might just need more PT, could be someone to keep an eye on too but unless deep league he’s not worth a roster space, yet. 
  3. CHRIS CULLIVER, 49ers – 8TT 1INT 4PD / not worth an add, fighting for playing time in San Fran, there are better options out (veterans). 
  4. MARCUS GILCHRIST, Chargers – 11TT 1INT 2PD / Jammer’s getting old and Gilchrist filled in quite nice when Jammer missed 1 game, definite keep an eye on for future purposes. For now, Stand-By. 
  5. JAIQUAWN JARRETT, Eagles – NO STATS / hasn’t played yet but Jarrett’s the future in Philly and is definite worth the add and stash right now, Coleman is just a stop gap, Jarrett’s time is coming and don’t be the one wishing they could’ve had the chance to add Jarrett. 

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