Here are my top 20 DL for the week as it doesn’t get any better than this, lots of OLine’s being suspect right now could mean a ton of sacks but we’ll see come Sunday and Monday. For now enjoy these rankings and if you’d like to see this expand to maybe top 30, just let me know Good Luck in Week 2!


1 TERRELL SUGGS BAL TEN wrecked havoc on PIT, imagine what Hass is thinking?
2 JARED ALLEN MIN TBB TBB Oline suspect right now, Allen will dominate
3 NDAMUKONG SUH DET KCC will rebound with a great game
4 JUSTIN TUCK – (Q) NYG STL listed as Q but if he plays, he’ll do great
5 CHARLES JOHNSON CAR GBP he’ll find his way to Rodgers one way or another
6 MATT SHAUGHNESSY OAK BUF BUF Oline isnt all that and ‘Nessy is a beast!
7 JASON PAUL-PIERRE NYG STL IF Tuck don’t go I insert JPP into 4th spot
8 TRENT COLE PHI ATL should have his way against ATL
9 JUSTIN SMITH SF DAL will provide constant pressure on Romo
10 ROBERT MATHIS IND CLE listed as Q but will play, will be fine
11 JULIUS PEPPERS CHI NOS could have a couple pass deflections this game
12 JOHN ABRAHAM ATL PHI solid gm in wk 1 should repeat in wk 2 against PHI
13 HALOTI NGATA BAL TEN why do I feel guilty for ranking him “low”?
14 CALAIS CAMPBELL ARI WAS he’ll get to nonsexyRexy once or twice
15 CARLOS DUNLAP CIN DEN hoping he plays this week, he’ll be a solid play
16 KROY BIERMAN ATL PHI the way ATL using JA RE and KB is great, #’s there
17 CHRIS LONG STL NYG will give Eli more headaches
18 CLIFF AVRIL DET KCC KCC offense looks lost, Avril makes sure it stays that way
19 BRIAN ROBINSON MIN TBB showed last wk he has no problem taking over Rays spot
20 GREG HARDY CAR GBP underrated and doesn’t hurt Johnsons on other side
21 MICHAEL JOHNSON CIN DEN IF Dunlap’s a no-go Johnson moves up

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