With week 1 in the books, a lot has happened already and won’t even mention the offensive side.  I’m talking about the defensive side, Jon Beason and Eric Berry out for the season, the Rams 2 starting Cornerbacks ailing, one possibly out for season, Nnamdi was bored again as Bradford rarely ever threw to him (twice) and have the Ravens and Steelers flipped sides on whose more dominant than the other?

For those who took the advice and started the Browns D/ST i’ll apologize, can’t really say what the heck happened there but that Texans D/ST was on point and could be a lock to start just about every week except their bye.  Also, how about them San Francisco 49ers too, standard leagues they put up 33 points that’s more than A LOT of “studs” and no we’re not only looking at you Chris Johnson.

With that being said, here’s my waiver pick-ups, IDP’ers to drop and a few IDP’ers to keep your eye on and be ready to pick up in the near future.




KROY BIERMANN (FALCONS) : had a solid game giving owners 20 points, looks like ATL rotating to put fresh legs on the field for pass rush, Edwards and Biermann will get theirs, definitely pick up this guy.

MICHAEL JOHNSON (BENGALS) : he’s a freak i mean already has 3 pass deflections, an INT and his sacks should get there, definitely keep an eye out on him.

GREG HARDY (PANTHERS) : underrated talent and doesn’t hurt he plays opposite Charles Johnson.  After the top guys are gone, the DE position gets real thin, Hardy provides you with a nice DL3 with DL2 upside.


DAN CONNOR OR THOMAS DAVIS (PANTHERS) : both should be available or at least one of them and i’m expecting that to be Connor who’d be available in most leagues. But, with the injury to Beason both of these LB’s get an uptick to their value, but if i had to choose i’d go with Davis, people forgot how good he was pre-injury.  He’s the better of the Carolina bunch and has LB1 potential while Connor LB3.

SEAN LEE (COWBOYS) : looks like he’s finally starting or getting the playing time he deserves and he should be putting up solid LB2 numbers.  He’s going to be a hot commodity come add day and I hope you’ve already put in a waiver claim on this guy, unless you’re all set at the LB spot.


MORGAN BURNETT (PACKERS) : been praising this guy all off-season as my #1 DB sleeper this year, kid got the talent and showed it off in week 1 posting a total of 14 tackles.  Has the DB1 upside and is a great add in tackle-heavy leagues.

JASON MCCOURTY (TITANS) : taking the job away from Verner which could be shocking but can’t complain on the performance McCourty had in week 1.  He’s a must add, especially if you owned Eric Berry as McCourty will be busy week in week out and should help keep your IDP team afloat if you’re like me and suffering from Eric Berry’s lost.

AQIB TALIB (BUCS) : many people forget about this guy and the skill set he brings on the field, as it showed against the Lions in week 1.  Again, if you’re an Eric Berry owner and missed out on McCourty or Burnett or someone else you had your eye on, go ahead and snatch Talib he has DB2 borderline DB1 upside.

IF by any chance Jason Paul-Pierre is available in your league I advise to get em as soon as you can, we all seen what he can do and i expected a big jump in his sophomore year. What also helps his chance/numbers is Osi and Tuck both battling injuries as well as the entire Giants defense as a whole; someone has to step up. Also, if you’re in a deep league take a shot and add ERIN HENDERSON, could be a solid source for tackles but if you’re in a shallow league just keep an eye out on this guy. If you’re a Rolando McClain owner I really wish i knew the answer to his poor performance on Monday Night Football, i say just hang tight and if he doesn’t turn it around soon enough, he could be droppable.


There you have it folks, don’t get to anxious though it’s only week 1 as championships aren’t won yet but always keep your eye out on your IDP squad, seen a lot of injuries already so it’ll be good to learn the “whose next in line” depth and if you have any questions feel free to hit me up via twitter at @IDPwithBEE



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