It comes a time in fantasy football where you’re wondering if you are willing to start your stud WR, which is pretty much your WR1, against a stout defense, especially one that’ll key in on him. Or if your WR1 is facing one man who’ll ruin your day, your week because you can expect a big fat zero and it’ll leave you in regret as your bench WR’s outscore your main WR.  This man, his name, is Nnamdi Asomugha and he is now a part of the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles.  Andre Johnson owners you can rejoice because he won’t be facing Nnamdi this year. 

We’re talking about arguably thee best shutdown corner in the NFL.  Back in 2007 he was the LCB (Left Cornerback) and shut down anyone lining up on the left side as he was only thrown to 31 times for just 10 completions for the entire season.  Enter 2008, he shifted over to the RCB (Right Cornerback) and opposing teams rarely tested him again, allowing only 8 completions for those 27 attempts, and again it was for an entire season, still not impressed? How about that same year, the lone WR to have a good game against him was Randy Moss who posted a 3rec 40yd game, ouch.  In 2009, Nnamdi was thrown to just 27 times and allowing a total of 13 completions, but most impressive yet came in 2010.  He was thrown too just 27 times again, allowing 10 completions and gave up zero, yes zero touchdowns.

So is it safe to say if you own one of the top 5 or top 10 WR’s and their facing the Eagles, are you going to start him against Nnamdi? Are you going to risk putting up zero points that week, especially if it’s a week you have to win in fantasy in order to advance to the playoffs, knowing one of your bench WR’s has a better match-up; that’s up to you.  Now lets take a look at the WR’s who’ll face Nnamdi in the 2011 season.


Victim – Mike Sims Walker

Outlook – I’m expecting him to be the WR1 in St. Louis and if he’s on your roster he’s either your WR3 or one of your spot start WR’s and let me tell you this isnt’ one of those “spot starts” look at better options, nothing nice here.


Victim – Roddy White

Outlook – Roddy owners get tested this week, are you going to bench him? Of course not, just don’t expect a big game from Roddy; mediocre at best.  Your WR2 could outscore Roddy this week.

WEEK 03 & 11 – GIANTS

Victim – Hakeem Nicks

Outlook – For the 2nd straight week Nnamdi has a tough task with big Nicks.  I could also see Nnamdi covering Manningham too, so if that happens that’s where Nicks can do damage.  Is Eli man enough to throw Nnamdi’s way? We just have to wait.

WEEK 04 – 49ERS

Victim – Braylon Edwards

Outlook – Will it be a surprised if Braylon puts up 0 rec 0 yds this game? Highly likely as he won’t be able to shake Nnamdi in this match-up as he starts to get comfortable in this defense.


Victim – Steve Johnson

Outlook – Any chance Johnson beats Nnamdi deep? Probably best chance for Steve to put up any sort of numbers is a screen pass or force some sort of offensive pass interference and get the ball, then again that wouldn’t account for any stat now would it? Look elsewhere this week.


Victim – Santana Moss

Outlook – Now whoever is going to Quarterback the Redskins will force the ball to Santana; which will lead to a lot of opportunity for Nnamdi to make some plays.  Has only 3 interceptions last 3 years, I think he’ll get 1 or 2 against them one of these weeks.  Santana as WR3 at best, lets hope week 17 you’re not in the championship game in your league.


Victim – NOBODY

Outlook – dodged a bullet this week as you can breath with a sigh of relief because the Eagles are on a bye week.

WEEK 08 & 16 – COWBOYS

Victim(s) – Miles Austin & Dez Bryant

Outlook – I think in week 08 Miles will still be the WR1 in Dallas and will have a tough time battling Nnamdi for receptions, might get a few dump screens here and there.  Enter week 16 and Dez could take over as WR1 in Dallas and gets his shot at Nnamdi, although Dez is talented, so is Andre Johnson and he struggles every time.


Victim – Roy Williams

Outlook – Look elsewhere because I’m sure you have better options and if you have Roy on your roster, I just want to ask you WHY? Chalk up a doughnut this week if you think about starting Roy, but please don’t.


Victim – Larry Fitzgerald

Outlook – Check back at 2010 stats when these 2 faced each other, Fitzgerald put up 2 rec 26yds 1td.  Luckily he got the TD but what can you expect this time around? Will Kolb force his targets to Fitz? I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar is posted.  So, unless Fitz is injured you’re not benching Fitz any week, not even this one.


Victim – Chad Ocho Cinco

Outlook – We all know Chad loves a challenge, so we know he’s going to go hard against Nnamdi and try to beat him.  Well good luck Chad, you might get lucky, might. However for you and your fantasy team, your still starting Chad just hope your other options do better.


Victim – Sidney Rice

Outlook – First of all lets hope Sidney makes it to week 13, if not Mike Williams is in for a treat.  If Sidney plays this week, he’ll be a borderline WR3 start but I’d look at other options.


Victim – Brandon Marshall

Outlook – Marshall does decent against shutdown corners, but its not exciting or staggering numbers.  In PPR leagues, Marshall could provide you with at least 5 points with the 5 receptions he’ll get, but is that enough for you?


Victim – Santonio Holmes or Plaxico Burress

Outlook – I’m leaning more Holmes on this one, as you can’t be sure if Plax will be healthy come week 15.  Holmes will struggle in this matchup too but it may not be his fault, as the Eagles pass defense is all over Sanchez this game. You’re going to start Santonio anyway unless you have a better option.

Well these are the WR’s Nnamdi will face for the year 2011, you have to wonder just how many times opposing teams are going to throw to him this year? Against the Steelers during week 2 of the Pre-Season, Mike Wallace wasn’t even thrown too because, you betcha, Nnamdi was covering him.  If you were a Mike Wallace owner would you have started him had this been a regular season week in fantasy football? My bet says yes because you have to trust your studs, right? Sometimes it’s ok to be “cute” with your starters sometimes though, trust your instincts, if you have a hunch that someone else will have a better game due to a better matchup, take the risk.  So good luck to you and your fantasy team this year and as Rick Ross would say “FOOTBALL’S BACK, FOOTBALL’S BACK, all the NFL Fans scream that FOOTBALL’S BACK!”


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