Starting it off in the NFC West and I’ll make my way around to all divisions as I give to you my BOLD predictions for each team, and yes this is related to fantasy football and I won’t get crazy but imagine if these predictions did happen? Whether it’ll be an offensive player or a defensive player, I will throw some players names on here and see if they come near to their BOLD prediction.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERSKendall Hunter takes over as feature back, becomes their version of “Ray Rice” as Gore suffers another injury by week 5 and Hunter runs away with Offensive Rookie of The Year. Ends year with 1200 total yards 7tds and 45 receptions, bold!

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS Tavaris gets IT! Realizes he has weapons around him and ends up throwing for nearly 22 touchdowns.

 ARIZONA CARDINALS  – Kevin Kolb shows his worth, being his 2nd year as a starter and has a Larry Fitzgerald to throw to, passes for nearly 4000 yards 26 touchdowns 14 int and keep’s Fitzgerald owners happy.


ST LOUIS RAMSwhen the smoke clears and the WR carousel clears up, Danario Alexander stays healthy for 14 games becomes the Rams #1 WR and gives his owners a season of 77rec 1125yds 9 tds.


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