“10 Reasons Why An IDP League is Better”

Haven’t tried an IDP (Individual Defensive Player) league yet? Confusing? Too much work? Well, i got news for you, IDP leagues are thee only way to go; other than PPR leagues in fantasy football.  I’m here to tell you 10 reasons why IDP leagues are better and here’s hoping these 10 reasons help get you started in joining your first IDP league.

  1. DEFENSE wins Championships
  2. A D/ST (Team Defense/Special Teams) can give you NEGATIVE points at any time, while an IDP will NEVER give you negative points.
  3. Without an IDP league you wouldn’t know who Paul Posluszny is. 
  4. Nothing better than cheering on a defensive player to help you win your weekly match-up, especially if that’s all you got left.
  5. Because YOU rather cheer for those defensive players instead.
  6. Gives you a chance at expanding rosters and actually drafting a real team, minus the offensive lineman.
  7. Pick6 – enough said.
  8. IDP Leagues makes your fantasy football resume look that much better.
  9. You’ll get more in depth on both sides of the ball.
  10. Plain and Simple – More Points for your team.

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