A Mock Experience

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been a part of a twitter wide NFL Mock Draft and met some great people along the way.  I’ve got to say thank you to @EmPuLSe for putting it all together along with @PFF_Zerodev for all his hard work as well; again I send my thanks and appreciation.  They were 3 Mock Drafts all together; 2 involved trades and 1 didn’t, I took part in #MockTwo (no trades allowed) and #MockThree (War Room Edition).  I represented the San Diego Chargers, my favorite NFL Team, and in #MockThree I got a chance to work with Rotoworld’s own Evan Silva.

It was definitely a great experience as I’ve done nothing like this before and hoping in the future to continue to be a part of an experience like this.  So lets get this party started, I’ve got invited to take part in #MockTwo (hash tag we used on twitter to follow draft) and in this version, trades aren’t allowed and being that Chargers had 5 picks in the top 90 there was no doubt in my mind i could get great picks and add some immediate impact players to an already potent roster on both offense and defense.  This is the link where you can see the draft and also has my draft grade (http://mocktwo.wordpress.com/afc-west/san-diego-chargers/ ) all grading was done by my man @JoshBDraft . I went into #MockTwo looking to fill San Diego’s needs, which are OT, WR, FS, OLB, MLB, DE.

Round 118th pick – Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College – target was Watt and Carimi but both were taken and went with a solid offensive lineman who’ll protect our franchise QB.

Round 2 – 50th pick – Greg Little, WR, UNC – took a lot of heat for making this pick but not everyone’s draft board is the same and i have Little 3rd after AJ Green and Julio Jones.  Little got a ton of talent, physical WR, great hands and reminds me of Tampa’s Mike Williams.  Little can provide immediate impact on offense that was WR injury riddled last year and with questions about if Vincent Jackson returning, we found a replacement.

Round 2 – 61st pick – Dontay Moch, OLB, Nevada – Needed a compliment across Shaun Phillips to lessen the pressure he sees. Moch is a wrap up tackler, quick get to the QB type LB that will fit perfectly in our 3-4 scheme.

Round 3 – 82nd pick – Jarvis Jenkins, DT, Clemson – Since Jamal Williams left, the middle hasn’t been the same on defense and left a glaring hole for San Diego to fill.  Jenkins all 300 of him can provide that strength we need up front with Castillo and Garay.

Rounds 4 & 5 : NO PICKS 

Round 6 – 183rd pick – Andrew Walters, FS/CB, Delaware – a defensive back hybrid, normal position is FS but can play DB too.  By missing out on a 4th and 5th rounder went with one of the best available at their position.  Bob Sanders is no lock on staying healthy but so long as Walters can learn right away he’ll provide some help.

Round 6 – 201st pick – Da’Rel Scott, RB, Maryland – blazing speed and will be our replacement when Sproles leaves.  Won’t be an every down back because we have Mathews and Tolbert but Scott can make an impact on 3rd down passing plays and provides change of pace RB for us.

Round 7 – 234th pick – Keith Darbut, OLB/DE, Baldwin-Wallace – This kid is a freak, 6’4 230lbs and ran a 4.4 40.  Who doesn’t want blazing speed coming from the rush on the outside?

That concluded my #MockTwo draft with 31 other great managers off twitter and now we moved onto #MockThree (War Room Edition) where each team had 1-3 GM’s.  That’s where i got the privilege to work with Rotoworld’s own Evan Silva, great football mind.  In #MockThree trades were back in this one and I could tell things were going to get interesting from the get go as San Diego has the ammunition to move up in the draft to grab an elite playmaker.  Our #1 player on our board was Texas A&M OLB, Von Miller and when we got word Denver wanted to move down from #2 overall Evan and I wasted no time in making a move up.  We gave one of our 2nd and 3rd round picks alongside swapping out 1st round picks with the Denver Broncos.  Our motto for our #MockThree draft is “Quality over Quantity” and thats what we got with each player we drafted.  This is how it played out (http://mockthree.wordpress.com/afc-west/san-diego-chargers/ )

Round 1 – 2nd pick – Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M – best pass rusher in the draft, will make an immediate impact to an already stout defense but now Shaun Phillips will get the help that’s needed.

Round 2 – 59th pick – James Carpenter, OT, Alabama – failing to get back into the 1st round we were surprised to see Carpenter to keep falling, we currently had the 61st pick but quickly jumped ahead 2 spots to make sure we got our guy after missing out on Derrick Sherrod.

Round 3 – 82nd pick – Denarious Moore, WR, Tennessee – Got game like Santonio Holmes and will quickly help our WR corps as we battled a ton of injuries last year.

Round 5 – 149th pick – Mark LeGree, FS, Appalachian State – This was the FS we’ve targeted and without having a 4th or 5th there was no chance in us landing him in the 6th so we made a move. Let the draft play out and watch LeGree fall to us soon as a team bit the trade offer.  LeGree had 22 career interceptions at Appalachian State and that’s not something to shy away from, LeGree is definitely a ballhawk and will be welcomed by the Chargers.

Round 6 – 201st pick – Ben Chappell, QB, Indiana – needed a backup QB eventually, upside and a big arm we’ll take this in the 6th round.

Round 7 – 234th pick – Keith Darbut, OLB, Baldwin-Wallace – Evan and I thought the same thing with this guy, no risk in taking a guy with 4.4 speed on the pass rush.  Opposing offenses beware, Chargers have speed on their defense once again.

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