With the 1st pick in the 2009 NBA Draft the Los Angeles Clippers select Blake Griffin, power forward from Oklahoma.  Those words alone were music to all Clippers fans ears; and were anxiously waiting to see what’s about to happen.  Fast-forward to pre-season and Griffin flashed images and game play of what’s to come; then came the image NOBODY wanted to see, in the last game of the pre-season Griffin goes down with a broken knee cap and all hail to the Clippers curse.  With that injury Clipper fans had to wait an entire season before they get a chance to see what Griffin is all about; that and wonder what type of player will he be after recovering.


Now we enter the 2010-2011 Season and all the questions arise on Blake Griffin, is he ok? What kind of presence will he make? Is he fully healthy? Can he help the Clippers? Yeah I’m sure they’ve heard it all but Griffin will have let his game speak for itself.  Opening Tip-off approaches and the anticipation is lurking and Clippers are playing host to the Portland Trailblazers.  What does Blake Griffin do? Grabs 9 offensive rebounds 14 total, and puts up 20 points for his debut; now you may think that isn’t spectacular but if you watched his jaw dropping array of dunks and his explosiveness then these words speak for itself.  We’re already 50 games into the season and Griffin has been anything short of a disappointment, more like he revived the Clippers fan and made Clipper ball watchable once again.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Blake Griffin is modern day’s Michael Jordan and the most explosive big man since Shawn “Reignman” Kemp entered the league.  Before Griffin, people would care less about a Clippers game, now people from out of state are flying in to see Blake Griffin do his thing because each night he lights up the highlight reel with an posterizing dunk whether is be a spin off Gallinari or arguably the dunk of the year of Mozgov.


Blake Griffin currently sits 12th in ppg with 22.9, 4th in rpg with 12.8 while shooting 51% from the field.  His Achilles heel is of course free throws where he’s at 60% for the year; add in 5th overall in Efficiency rating at 26.02, 6th in FG’s made, 4th in total offensive rebounds (192) 3rd in defensive rebounds (446) and only Kevin Love has more double doubles (42).  Griffin is having a tremendous rookie season and one of the better ones anybody can remember; already named to the all-star squad (rightfully so, he earned it) and Clippers are on their way to getting more play time on national T.V. Blake Griffin has been WORTH THE WAIT, Blake Griffin IS YOUR 2010-2011 Rookie of the Year and NOBODY comes close.



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