The “Yeah! I knew He’d Blow UP” Article





Entering week 15

  1. MICHAEL VICK, QB – EAGLES – 2513yds 17tds 4ints / 82car 483yds 7tds

Vick went from being McNabb’s backup and playing sparingly, Eagles then traded McNabb and inserted Kolb as the starter with Vick being the backup once again.  Today, as we enter week 16 into the 2010-2011 NFL Season Vick is the #5 QB in fantasy football despite missing 4 games and playing just about 3 quarters in another.  Let’s face it, unless you drafted Kolb, in which case hardly anyone ever thought about drafting Vick as a backup; Vick has become probably the greatest waiver wire add.  My best bet is that if he’s your QB right now, you’re in the championship game of your fantasy football league; unless your team was really, really, really bad.  Imagine had Vick not missed any of those 4 games, how much fantasy points would he really have? Plus a homecoming to Atlanta that he missed, I say he’d flirt with 400 maybe even 450 points? Vick has definitely earned his spot in MVP talks in both NFL and Fantasy and above anything else earned a lot of respect and a starting gig in 2011 for a lot of teams entering 2011. Hope you grabbed Vick; I did and haven’t regretted it yet.

2.    ARIAN FOSTER, RB – TEXANS – 265car 1328yds 13tds 54rec 504yds 2tds

When Texans drafted Ben Tate in the NFL Draft, it looked like a new guy coming in and taking ranks in the Houston offense.  Slaton was falling down the depth chart, fast.  Foster was just being the most impressive Texan in camp, and you know what it shows because look what he has done this year.  Yes you can thank a season ending injury to Ben Tate but Tate is nowhere near as versatile as Foster is.  Not bad for a RB you drafted after round 5; ending up arguably the steal of drafts this year, which helps explain the year the NFL in general is having in 2010. Who else would’ve thought Arian Foster would be the #1 RB in fantasy football? Yeah I did too.  Foster has won many of his owners match-ups on his performances alone, remember week 1? Yeah I do too as it if happened yesterday. Ride Foster high into the title game, if you own him and hope Kubiak sticks with him next year; Tate is due back healthy.

3.  BRANDON LLOYD, WR – BRONCOS – 63rec 1185yds 9tds

Who would’ve thought that entering your 8th year is when you’ll breakout into the fantasy world.  Lloyd had a lot of hype with him back in his San Fran days didn’t do much with it, I think he’d like to forget his Redskins stint like if it never existed.  Then entering his 2nd season in Denver, there he is becoming the 2nd ranked WR in fantasy football; now tell me who would’ve thought that? Lets face it Lloyd was on all of your waiver wires; whoever was the lucky to grab him after week 1 well should have one hell of a WR Corps in their season.  He had some huge games that made his owners proud, and we had to put our trust in Orton? Yeah I did too; so you can admit it.  Lloyd has been a must start and putting up WR1 numbers all year; yet you’re probably using him as a WR2 or WR3 better yet possibly a Flex? With Tebow throwing him the ball now, its up to you to ask yourself if you trust Tebow?

4.  STEVE “STEVIE” JOHNSON, WR – BILLS – 66rec 874yds 9tds

Alright, raise your hand if you thought Johnson would do anything near this, better yet besides Fred Jackson, where there any other Buffalo Bills players you highly targeted in drafts? Not to mention Johnson was buried in the depth chart but with a strong camp has shown what he can do and was rewarded starter job opposite Lee Evans; isn’t it ironic though how Evans needed a compliment WR to sway double coverage away; but to only have that happen plus stats go down drastically.  Johnson doesn’t shine in yardage but he rewards his owners with receptions and touchdowns.  This Kentucky product can look like he’s a stay in WR2 territory as long as Gailey is the coach/coordinator and Bills have a QB who can throw the ball.  Throw Johnson into the box of mysterious gems that find their way to starting lineups and seem to never look back.

5.  RYAN FITZPATRICK, QB – BILLS – 2526yds 21tds 11ints 36car 236yds

Ladies and Gentleman lets give it up for Harvard U! Fitzpatrick started and played quite a few games last year for Buffalo; somehow lost his starting job during the off-season to well departed Trent Edwards.  Had Gailey given the starting nod to Fitzpatrick from week 1, we could be talking up Fitzpatrick as if he were the next best thing.  There was a point where owners were highly rewarded with his hot streak, they have no run game and Gailey is great in helping his QB’s execute and succeed (ala Thigpen 2008) lately Fitz hasn’t been all great but whose relying on a cold weather QB not named Brady or Rodgers at this time of year? Props to Fitzpatrick though and it could be the reason why Bills passed on a QB this year, not saying he’s the answer but helped them wait until this upcoming draft.  Fitzpatrick is probably riding your bench now with cold weather approaching, but be proud of what he’s done with the BILLS!

6.  PEYTON HILLIS, RB – BROWNS – 238car 1070yds 11tds 57rec 446yds 2tds

First of all, the Browns had arguably the toughest rush schedule amongst RB’s and secondly Hillis was penciled in as the FULLBACK.  He’s definitely a fan favorite, he’s hard working and a bruiser and it shows with his runs.  Harrison couldn’t continue his magical season in 2009 and ended up getting benched then shipped out to Philly.  Hardesty, who I still believe will be the featured back, had a season ending knee injury; very unfortunate.  So Hillis is another prime example of someone taking advantages of their opportunity.  Any Browns fans you talk to I bet you these are the 3 things they’d talk about, Hillis, Colt McCoy and the defense; other than that I cannot find anything else worth talking about.  To put it into shorter terms, Peyton Hillis was the Browns offense the entire year; had a rough couple of weeks but I’m sure you’d have low expectations for him entering week 16 and 17; as Browns face Ravens and Steelers.

7.  MERCEDES LEWIS, TE – JAGUARS – 45rec 574yds 9tds

I can’t think of a year that the Tight End position in Fantasy Football deeper than 2010-2011. If you didn’t grab Gates, Witten, Finely or Clark you had slim pickins and if you lucked out with Lewis then well you enjoyed yourself a good half of football from this guy.  He’s been quiet as of late but nonetheless proved to be Garrard’s favorite target in the redzone/endzone. His 9 touchdowns are a career high and if you don’t own any of the top 5 TE’s (pre-ranked) then you can’t really expect much from the TE you drafted.  But, if you’re a Lewis owner you’ve had yourself a couple of good weeks, hard to start him now though but nonetheless he deserves to be on this list.

8.  TERRELL OWENS, WR – BENGALS – 72rec 983yds 9tds

Back in July or August, whenever your draft was held nobody had any idea where T.O was going to land but took a flier on him during the late rounds and was rewarded oh so greatly with what Owens had surprisingly done in Cincy.  AT his age and teams he plays on, still putting up these type of numbers and people call him overrated? I seem to be in that argument all the time and I can’t stand it anymore.  Seeing him sign with Cincy I figured he’d be a decent WR3 in most leagues, or a match-up starter because I had no idea how they were going to use both Ocho Cinco and Owens.  Little did we know Owens would put up staggering numbers and for owners who had him probably had the likes of Roddy White and Calvin Johnson therefore letting them have a solid trio of WR’s to start with confidence week in week out.  People lets enjoy Owens as we can because he’s definitely one of the greatest WR’s to play the game and his work ethic is like no other (thanks to Jerry Rice) and I think he deserves his shot at another Super Bowl and would love to see him on a team that reaches there.  But, as we know it this could be his last year, and its not a bad one neither; those stats from someone you drafted in round 13 or later, not complaining at all.


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