So we’re already heading into week 9 of the beloved NFL Season that’s full of surprises, shall we say parity at its finest? I’m about to go in on some players you should try to trade for and I’ll name a few players who downgraded and can either A). Trade them away while their value is somewhat legit or B). If they’re not helping your team just drop em’ or you got C). Go on a straight fire sale but don’t totally demolish your team because there’s always next year.


So if you haven’t gotten yourself into a dynasty league this year, best time is to learn about it now and try one in 2011 because let me tell you it’s one of the best ways to play fantasy football.  Albeit you’re kind of like a real GM in any draft but a dynasty league takes that GM name a bit further as you build your team for future years how ever many years your commish decides to hold the league; average dynasty leagues last about 5 years.  Another solid point in being in a dynasty league, it makes NCAA football so much better because you’re like a scout for your dynasty squad.  You pay attention to all sorts of players whether their entering the draft next year or a couple years down the line; trust me it is that much more exciting.  Had I not played dynasty I wouldn’t have known about players like Chris Johnson; I wasn’t following East Carolina a few years ago until they came to Hawaii to play in the Hawaii bowl.  Being that I was there and seen him play I was already ready to draft him in my upcoming dynasty draft no matter which team he went to; I wanted to draft him.


If you’re currently having a W/L record of 2-6 or 3-5 or you’re maybe even winless you can easily build to win/contend next year. How you ask? Simple; you pick your top 10 players on your roster, judging by starting spots and how much you keep try to cut your top players in half; for example say you have Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Sam Bradford (I wish I had this problem) and your league you only start 1 QB; your strategy is to sell Brady and get either some draft picks in return or another position of need.  You may ask, why Brady? Well out of that bunch people know Brady more than Eli and Bradford and who knows you could also find a Patriots homer who’d want him on his team.  If that were me I’d love to roll with Eli and Bradford as my 1-2 QB duo in any dynasty league; with that being said if you’re trying to trade Brady don’t give up on one or two offers, keep offering but don’t be a nag about it and what helps is if you’re league is actively communicating and you can negotiate easier.  Because let me tell you it’s a pain in the rear end when someone doesn’t respond to a trade offer or worse is when their active in the league and they see that offer on their “team” page yet ignore it; it bugs the hell out of me.  I hope that isn’t you and if you’re in a league like that I say don’t bother and leave.




–          RANDY MOSS, TEN (WR) – Raise your hand if you thought he’d have a great year being it’s a contract year? How disappointing has Randy been, went from a WR1 to a borderline WR3 start and potential is left on the bench due to starting a non-producing Randy Moss.  I say things will be no different in Tennessee as Britt is out indefinitely.  If you have him I say give it a week or 2, let him have a good enough game for one of your opposing managers to bite the bait then cut him loose.

–          CEDRIC BENSON, CIN (RB) – What happened to this guy? Is he another one year wonder? He’s a free agent after this season and who knows where he’ll land another job; well all the blame cant go on him the entire offense is a joke right now in Cincy.  If you own Benson I say now is the time to trade him for potential, his value is still somewhat good enough to land you maybe a Michael Bush or perhaps buy low on a Reggie Bush especially if you’re in a PPR league I’d target Reggie Bush.

–          TOM BRADY, NEP (QB) – If you trade him based on stats you may not get as much back; but if you’re trading him based on “name” you could get some talent back.  Brady hasn’t been the same this year, isn’t having the type of season I’d expected and has thrown for just 1 touchdown in 4 straight games; his value right now could be low but if you own him see if you can trade him for one Matthew Stafford or Sam Bradford.  Welker isn’t the same, Brandon Tate is developing slowly and the other pieces are well, there.  He has the weapons in place, I say give it another year if you’re willing to wait but if you’re dead in the water cut bait with this guy and get younger and hope to contend next year.

–          MATT SCHAUB, HOU (QB) – Is this the same Matt Schaub we all witnessed last year? The same one who lead the league in passing yards? Clearly its not, you can blame the running game all you want but isn’t the run suppose to open up the pass? Andre is battling a lingering ankle injury, Walters has been on a milk carton for about 3 weeks, Jacoby is coming back from injury and Owen is well; trying to come back when he should just rehab and get healthy for next year.  Either that or Schaub is just having a down year and his value is somewhat low and if you own him; I’d try to trade him now while you can, he has a tough schedule up ahead, in fact the Texans owned arguably the toughest schedule this year.  He’s still a starter for your team but if you can get Stafford lets say I’d do it.  Schaub may have reached his ceiling last year and Stafford’s is rising.  If you own him and cant trade him, I hope your backup is at least half decent to Schaub and you can play match-ups from here on out.




JOSH FREEMAN, TBB (QB) – Are we witnessing a star in the making? Tampa Bay is clearly a team on the rise and is moving in the right direction.  He may not be an every week starter this year but next year you’ll never know.  He has weapons at his disposal, Mike Williams, Arrelious Benn, Sammie Stroughter and LeGarette Blount.  Give him a pass-catching TE and Freeman’s value could rise even higher.  I say grab him now before it’s too late and whoever owns wont trade him.

SHONN GREENE, NYJ (RB) – this statement is clearly for next year as it looks like NYJ Run Game belongs to one LT2.  I believe he can be a “Jerome Harrison-type” come playoff time as their battling for playoffs they’d want to keep LT2 healthy and get Greene going.  But, with this could come some risk/sacrifice, trade for Greene if you’re set at RB for the rest of the year so that way you’re not forced to start Greene but you can play match-ups.  His value is very very low right now and if his owner is not thinking “dynasty” at the moment, take a shot with Greene, who knows maybe you could trade away Thomas Jones or Michael Bush for this guy, risky sure but what if the payoff is huge?


If you’re planning for 2011 here are 5 college names to look into and who could possibly be on your squad to help you win it all in 2011.



–          AJ GREEN, WR (GEORGIA)



–          DION LEWIS, RB (PITT)


Keep an eye on these guys, and if Luck lands on a great team look-out.  Lewis is a bit under the radar right now because of his poor sophomore season which he may stay back another year but if he does come out he could find himself in a great situation.



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