Dynasty leagues are my forte’ and the question I get asked a lot of whether to play to win now or build for the future.  Well the answer to that question is simple; judging by your current record and you know for a fact you have no shot at making the playoffs don’t get disgruntled and throw a hissy fit like most WR’s looking for a pass interference call after every pass; just relax, breathe and look at EVERY roster in the league.  Now look at your roster and pick out your strong core; the players you’d want to build around for the next year or so, then refresh yourself with how many players you have to drop; write them down already so you know who you dropping and what other players you have left that you can possibly trade.  In dynasty leagues trades play a big part; I can’t be in a league where not one trade goes down, because there are 2 sides to a trade one is building to win now while the other is building to contend for the future.


Each week I’m going to input a dynasty piece stating players whose value is either rising or dropping and whom you should trade for if you’re building for the future.  Also, keep in mind most of these players values are low right now and it’ll be best to buy now than wait till their value rises and you’d end up paying for too much.


With that being said also keep in mind future draft picks and how much rounds your league is drafting for the following years.  Because if you didn’t know, trading draft picks is a huge deal in dynasty and it could be your kicker to push you to get the deal you want done; but there’s a catch to draft pick trading.  Say you just traded Miles Austin for a 2011 1st round pick, now you have to ask yourself was it worth it being that potential 1st round pick could be a AJ Green or a Julio Jones or even a LaMichael James? So yes if you’re trading draft picks you have to go in depth on potential players entering the draft next year and ask yourself do I want those rookies or the vet that I already own.  Tricky? Sure but sometimes the picks can pay off; take my trade I did this off-season in my dynasty league I traded Tony Romo for the 4th overall pick this past draft as well as a 4th round pick which those picks turned out to be Jahvid Best and Santana Moss (rookie/free agent draft and someone dropped him, yeah I know) so it panned out well for me because I could sacrifice a QB and get the franchise RB I wanted.


So here are my 2 QB’s, 2 RB’s and 2 WR’s whose value is not high yet I’d aim for these guys to start building around to make your squad a contender.



  1. Sam Bradford, STL – 146/260 1483yds 56.2% 9td 8int 71.4 qb rating – if I were you I’d try real hard to get this kid; he’s NEXT! Avery and Clayton will be healthy next year and development of Gilyard and Amendola with Super Danario and that TE with the ridiculously long name will give Bradford some nice weapons.  Throw in a weak division and a weekly improving defense and you got yourself a team on the rise, the only thing they have to do is replace Sjax, SOON! Before he there is no run game in St. Louie.  His ceiling is sky high and there is no better time than now to trade for him, even if you have Brady or Schaub and not going to win it this year, trade them for Bradford.  He deserved to be the 1st pick overall, and what separates him from the other rookies, he has “It” and you should have “it” too.
  2. Eli Manning, NYG – 157/239 1785yds 65.9% 14tds 11int 88.3rating – another prime example on WAIT for your QB in drafts and besides Rivers and Peyton and Rodgers this is the QB I want and you should target to get now! Just going to have to deal with the int’s but he’s still young and it can be fixed.  Seriously, what’s not to like about this Manning? His WR corp is arguably one of the best in the league with Smith, Nicks and Manningham throw in Barden whenever he develops and that’ll be a deadly set of 4.  Add in a improved running game and by far the most consistent team in the NFC East right now, Eli’s not going anywhere and neither is his WR’s.  His value now might be mid-level due to his performance as of late but I’d sacrifice a Brees for this Manning.  Eli’s on his way to yet another 4000yd season; back to back if you’re writing this down, and if you’re a Giants fan what else does Eli need on offense? Maybe give him a Gates-like pass catching TE and who knows what kind of numbers Eli can put up.  I say try to get him now if your QB’s are a question mark and he’s in his prime, perfect timing.




  1. Ryan Mathews, SDC – 63car 297yds 4.7avg 1td / 10rec 63yds – Can a future stud RB’s value be any lower right now? In almost every dynasty league I’m in this was the RB I was targeting but he clearly got drafted way to high for my liking.  He’s in an offense where he can become a top 5 RB.  So if you’re set at RB and could trade away one of your studs “now” for this kid, then do it! Dynasty is all about sacrifices and risks, because you’re going to kick yourself if you don’t make the trade and Mathews ended up blowing up.  I say you got yourself about 2 weeks to trade for Mathews before his value slowly rises again, he’s getting healthy and if you don’t need his production yet; be patient and wait till next year.
  2. LeGarette Blount, TBB – 21car 102yds 1td – 11car 72yds last week was his stat sheet, look whose in front of him, one Cadillac Williams whose probably on his last legs, that and he won’t be of any factor. Going forward it’ll be the Blount and Huggins show and Blount is either on your waiver wire or stashed on someone’s bench who doesn’t need him.  Now’s your chance to go snatch him, I say if you have bench space to take up go get Blount and he could end up being a nice “Jerome Harrison” type come playoff time this year with expectations next year.  Blount’s value is at a low cost right now and if you have someone’s handcuff I’d take a chance with Blount instead who can be a starter, soon rather than have a handcuff rot on your bench awaiting an opportunity he might not get.


  1. JAMES JONES, GBP – 19rec 284yds 1td – with the clock passing on Donald Driver and with the blink of an eye Jones will clearly be the Packers WR2 and with that comes one Aaron Rodgers throwing to you with soon to be huge stats playing alongside Jennings.  His value could be low right now; it all depends on who has him and what they’d expect in return.  In PPR leagues Jones has been a decent flex start and with him now starting due to Driver’s injury woes he’ll continue to benefit and by this time next year will be a very nice WR3 borderline WR2 for you.  Try and see if you can possibly work out a deal for Jones if you’re banking on next year. He’ll be a bonafide sleeper next year and you heard it here first!
  2. JORDAN SHIPLEY, CIN – 21rec 321yds 1td – first it was Chrebet then McCaffrey then Stokley then Welker and now we witness Shipley.  You get where I’m going? Well if you need to know Shipley leads all rookies on 3rd down passes/conversions with 11 and is currently the most targeted rookie WR on 3rd down, I say Palmer already gained his trust and don’t sleep on Shipley.  Now’s your chance to go get this guy who’ll look like a PPR gem, like another Davone Bess, he’s making the most of his opportunities and although Palmer sucks, he’s finding Shipley and making the pass game somewhat decent enough to put up with.  If you need a WR3 or a flex play, Shipley should be nice, I say get him now or wait a couple more weeks but perhaps if you do his value might rise a bit more.  It’s good to get these types of guys before they heat up and you end up paying for more than what you could have gave up.



Just named a few players who I think you should go after now or within the next 2 weeks because for one their value will never be lower than it already is and two remember its about sacrifice and risks; one trade could turn out to be huge for you and help you win league titles next few years or it could fall right back on your face, but you wouldn’t know that until you ACCEPT the deal. For the record, Dynasty Leagues rule!



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