2010-2011 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers




  1. LINAS KLEIZA, SF (TOR) – I think a year away helped him improve, and I’m pretty sure the Nuggets missed him last year; well they’re going to regret not resigning him, as their lost is Raptors gain, big time.  With Bosh gone, and only Andreas to rely on, Kleiza clearly becomes 2nd scoring option, maybe even the 1st option; easily my steal of the draft this year.
  2. J.J. HICKSON, PF (CLE) – No Lebron, No Big Z, new coach, aging veteran in his way and you got yourself your future power forward who’ll provide consistent double-doubles and will be a force to be reckoned with down in the block.  Sky’s the limit for this kid and will do wonders for you on your roster, look out!
  3. ROY HIBBERT, C (IND) – Another year, more responsibility and a new frontcourt mate in Josh McRoberts.  Adding more responsibility will stress Hibbert out, no? Well I say no because his life will get easier, thanks to the acquisition of Darren Collison.  If you miss out on Howard, Gasol, Lopez and even Noah don’t worry Hibbert will be there for your taking in round 9.
  4. ANTHONY RANDOLPH, PF (NYK) – Playing in New York, alongside Amare, with an offensive coach in D’Antoni and no more juggling rotations; what more can you ask for? Randolph is one of my top sleepers as he’s Garnett-Lite 6’11 who can shoot jumpers, rebound and defend, only thing holding him back is his injury history.  He makes this sleeper list with ease as he’ll have a helleva year and you should reap the benefits IF you draft Randolph.
  5. TERRENCE WILLIAMS, SF/SG (NJ) – With the addition of Morrow, Williams is going to have to take a back seat again, which should be no problem.  He’ll still see nearly 30 minutes a game and will put up great numbers, Williams will be a top 3 contender for 6th man and as long as they don’t get Melo, he’ll be fine.  Definitely a late round flier, with tons of upside.
  6. GORAN DRAGIC, PG (PHO) Yes he’s Nash’s backup so he won’t see the floor enough to warrant a start or util start; but given Nash’s age and no Barbosa I expect Dragic to see at least 25 minutes a game; coming off a stellar postseason there’s nowhere to go but up for this kid as he looks to be the future to run the suns offense, dynasty leagues take a crack at this kid.
  7. ERSAN ILYASOVA, PF (MIL) – This guy lit it up during the worlds; he has the talent but now Milwaukee just got a little more crowded with the addition of Corey and Gooden; but with Bogut not fully healthy and well Gooden is Gooden; talent should win out and Ersan has range, even if he gets nearly 20 minutes a game; that’s good news and should easily sink at least 1 3pointer a game, at least.
  8. AUSTIN DAYE, SF/PF (DET) – He’s been the talk about camp in Detroit, hard work can pay off and I look for Daye to take a big step in year 2.  Jerekbo is now out for the year, Prince and Rip aren’t getting any younger as I see Gordon and Daye being the 2 that step up.  And for the record, Daye has game so you wont have to worry about that; offensively better than Prince with same body type but defense will come.
  9. SERGE IBAKA, PF (OKC) – If you’re just looking for rebounds and blocks with a hint in FG% and whatever he gives you in the scoring category is a bonus than Ibaka is clearly the guy you want to target.  It looks like he solidified the starting spot in OKC and won’t be asked to score, which is fine; he’s their banger and should flirt with at least 9ppg 9rpg.
  10. MICHAEL BEASLEY, SF/PF (MIN) – if you need to know, yes Beasley is a sleeper and a change of scenery will do the trick.  I’m guessing the pressure in playing in Miami or the location may had something to do with it, Beasley is talented just have to get his mind right.  With no threat to his job in Minnesota, he’ll be asked to score a ton and he should EASILY avg at least 21 points per game and nearly 7-8 rebounds per game.  I say look out for Beasley, he’ll put his name back on the street as everyone forgot about what he can do, I haven’t and you shouldn’t neither.



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