1.     PHILIP RIVERS, SDC       @STL


3.     ELI MANNING, NYG       vsDET


5.     TONY ROMO, DAL       @MIN

6.     DREW BREES, NOS       @TBB

7.     TOM BRADY, NEP       vsBAL

8.     JOE FLACCO, BAL       @NEP

9.     JAY CUTLER, CHI       vsSEA

10.            MATT RYAN, ATL       @PHI

11.            DONOVAN MCNABB, WAS       vsIND

12.            BRETT FAVRE, MIN       vsDAL

13.            KYLE ORTON, DEN       vsNYJ

14.            MATT SCHAUB, HOU       vsKCC

15.            KEVIN KOLB, PHI       vsATL

16.            JOSH FREEMAN, TBB       vsNOS

17.            SAM BRADFORD, STL       vsSDC

18.            MARK SANCHEZ, NYJ       @DEN

19.            VINCE YOUNG, TEN       @JAC

20.            SHAUN HILL, DET       @NYG

21.            CHAD HENNE, MIA       @GBP

22.            MATT CASSELL, KCC       @HOU

23.            ALEX SMITH, SF       vsOAK

24.            JASON CAMPBELL, OAK       @SF

25.            DAVID GARRARD, JAC       vsTEN

26.            MATT HASSELBACK, SEA       @CHI

27.            MATT FLYNN, GBP       vsMIA

28.            COLT MCCOY, CLE       @PIT


NOTES: AARON RODGERS (Q) right now and if he’s playing take out Flynn and bump up Rodgers to 14 as he hasn’t shown anything special yet.  Assuming ALEX SMITH plays the entire game and doesn’t get canned for David Carr; same goes for JASON CAMPBELL, if Gradkowski is healthy and playing than switch them.  I don’t trust MCCOY or HASSELBACK against the defenses they’re facing.  SHAUN HILL would be a little bit higher but with Calvin hurting, I’m not sure Hill can manage.  Even with Andre Johnson playing, Schaub is low because you all seen what the KCC did to Peyton, did he throw for a TD in that game? IF Orton can sling it against the Ravens, im sure Brady can; both have no running game but difference is, no Moss, enter Tate. Big Ben is back and will make an immediate impact against CLE.


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