Entering week 5 of the 2010 NFL season, the San Diego Chargers coming off an old school beat down of the Arizona Cardinals now take their presence to Oakland and looking to get out of the Black Hole with a victory.  When I say one-sided match it literally is, the Chargers have won 13 straight against the Raiders and includes winning 6 straight at Oakland.  If history repeats itself than this will be no contest, although this time around there is no LT2; its now a 2 headed monster with Ryan Mathews and Mike “The Human Katoosh” Tolbert running the show, now where is Sproles in all this? Glad you asked; he’s currently awaiting a kick or punt return, as that’s his role on this team.


Philip Rivers doesn’t remember who Vincent Jackson is I guess as thru the first 4 games he’s been nothing but electric; already topping the 1200 mark in passing yards and leads the league leading offense of 450 yards per game to an Oakland secondary who hasn’t lived up to potential yet; or if they’ll ever get there.  Side from that I guess we all forgot about Vincent Jackson because the opposing defense leaves GATES WIDE OPEN week after week; I mean does Gates have that kinda smell where you got to stay away? And with Gates being wide open all the time; props goes out to MALCOM FLOYD, LEGEDU NAANEE AND PATRICK CRAYTON who in part have to have something to do with it as well.  Floyd has been a solid play past few weeks and will continue as it looks like he’s 2nd in targets to Gates with Naanee dropping to 4th option and Crayton picking it up (it was Crayton who Rivers went to back in SEA for the game winning TD; just saying) but still Gates and Floyd are the only 2 you need in your fantasy line-up.


Here we go in Oakland now, its dejavu all over again; tell me if you haven’t seen this before but Darren McFadden is currently suffering from a hamstring injury and remains iffy for the start against the Chargers on Sunday. Different year, same thing going on with Run DMC as the entire fantasy world was waiting for this to happen because we all want Michael Bush to succeed; yes including me.  Don’t get me wrong though, DMC has been excellent thru the first 4 games and actually helped a lot of fantasy teams who took a stab at him in what, round 6? Then the Raiders thought Jason Campbell would help revive this franchise, boy were they wrong? When you trade for Campbell and end up starting Gradkowski; seriously need to rethink trading partners, or actually take at least 5 minutes on how they’d trade for because it looks like they thought long and hard, say about 2 minutes to get Campbell in Oakland.


At the end of the night though; it’s a divisional rivalry, I expect it to be a game at least; and there will be some standouts in this game from both teams.  I hope it’s a shootout, not expecting one though as San Diego has the 4th best passing defense in the league and do I have to go over what they did to Arizona in week 4? I really don’t wanna hurt the Cardinal fans of that massacre.  With the game on the line; I’m pretty sure we all go Rivers over Gradkowski any day of the week and twice on Sunday; right? If so Rivers throws for another 300+yards in this one and gets the Chargers their first road win of the 2010 Season. Like how LT2 dominated the Raiders for 10 straight years, the reign will now belong to Rivers.





  • (QB1) PHILIP RIVERS – every week starter no matter what, its clearly his team, his show. PROJ: 25/42 388yds 4tds
  • (TE1) ANTONIO GATES – clearly this guy is on another planet, fantasy’s #1 TE and will continue to shine. PROJ: 9rec 158yds 2tds
  • (RB2) RYAN MATHEWS – eased back into action last week, so be patient with this rook, starts to be impressive, NOW! Turner said “Mathew is his guy” BELIEVE IT PROJ: 21car 120yds 1td
  • (WR2) LOUIS MURPHY – battled an injury last week, shoulder shouldn’t be bothering him this week, start him with confidence as the Murph-Train already took off, taking no more passengers for 2010. PROJ: 7rec 133yds 1td
  • (RB2) MICHAEL BUSH – penciled in as a starter; look for those who waiting oh so patiently on him to finally be rewarded with a decent enough gm to keep you up! 24car 125yds 1td



  • (RB3/FLEX) MIKE TOLBERT – took advantage of his opportunity and now will let Mathews take the wheel again, he’ll get his touches though because he damn deserved it. 10car 76yds 1td
  • (WR3) MALCOM FLOYD – 2nd option in a potent passing attack you’d figure he’d be a must start but not so fast as he could draw Nnmandi in coverage, and that alone spells disaster. Temper expectations with Malcom in the Middle this week. PROJ: 5rec 77yds 0td
  • (TE) ZACH MILLER – this kid is insane, did you see the numbers last week? If any of the starting WR’s don’t play, he’s a must start. PROJ: 6rec 89yds 0 td
  • (WR3/FLEX) LEGEDU NAANEE – if Floyd gets the coverage attention, Naanee should benefit from it but does he have the speed to get away from Chris Johnson (DB2)? PROJ: 5rec 83yds 1td

Now grab a cold one, kick your feet up and enjoy on what should be a great rivalry game as I’ll enjoy the Air Rivers Show take off and not know when to come back down.




One thought on “WEEK 5 – SDC @ OAK GAME PREVIEW”

  1. Oooo, this one hurts. As a die hard Oakland fan, I’m bummed brennon didn’t make the cut, Campbell is not doing well, and our record kinda sucks. But I’m hoping for a better showing than 34-17!!!
    Thanks Bee!

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