IDP w/BEE week 3 DL rankings


  1. Mario Williams (HOU) vs DAL
  2. Julius Peppers (CHI) vs GBP
  3. Robert Mathis (IND) @DEN
  4. Dwight Freeney (IND) @DEN
  5. Mathias Kiwanuka (NYG) vs TEN
  6. Jared Allen (MIN) vs DET
  7. Kyle Vanden Bosch (DET) @MIN
  8. Juqua Parker (PHI) @JAX
  9. Ndamukong Suh (DET) @MIN
  10. Osi Umenyiora (NYG) vs TEN
  11. Cullen Jenkins (GBP) @CHI
  12. Trent Cole (PHI) @JAX
  13. Haloti Ngata (BAL) vs CLE
  14. Gerard Warren (NEP) vs BUF
  15. Calais Campbell (ARI) vs OAK
  16. Tim Crowder (TBB) vs PIT
  17. Justin Tuck (NYG) vs TEN
  18. Justin Smith (SF) @KCC
  19. Glenn Dorsey (KCC) vs SF
  20. Jason Taylor (NYJ) @MIA – Questionable
  21. Lamaar Houston (OAK) @ARI
  22. Darnell Dockett (ARI) vs OAK

NOTES – With the OLINE suspect in Dallas, look for MARIO WILLIAMS to do work.  Mathis and Freeney are two freaks that the Broncos will not be able to contain, resulting in Orton landing on his rear the entire game.  Jared Allen should have himself a nice game, finally. Parker does his damage in limited reps; imagine if he started? Warren should plummet the Bills offensive line as they pose no threat to him, and it goes for Ngata, as well.  I look forward to Jason Taylor putting the hurt on his former team, that is if he’s able to play, as he’s questionable right now.


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