Week 3 IDP Pick-Ups


Another week in the books and a few of these available IDP’s should either a) help propel you to victory or b) continue to dominate your opponents week in week out.  Some of these guys I mention may be owned depending on league size and starters, but for what its worth its time to cut the household names that aren’t getting it done and actually pick up guys that will get it done for you because at the end of the day its all about numbers.  Here’s a look at who to keep an eye on and/or who to pick up to help your team.

  1. OMAR GAITHER (LB) – EAGLES: week 2 (11 tackles) with Bradley continuing to be out, Gaither must step up to the plate and be the leader of the middle. Good in the coverage game and should continue to rack up tackles.
  2. TJ WARD (S) – BROWNS: week 2 (10 solo 1 ast) if you need DB help, I advise get this guy before he becomes a hot commodity; that’s the 2nd straight week he’s got 10+ tackles. If he keeps this up, he can make an argument for an every week DB starter.
  3. DARYL WASHINGTON (LB) – CARDINALS: week 2 (10 solo) With Hayes battling injuries and Porter just getting older, Washington needs to be picked up.  Tackle machine in a ¾ scheme, you know he’ll see the field plenty.  Don’t let the rookie card fool you, as well as TJ above.
  4. JAMES ANDERSON (LB) – PANTHERS: week 2 (8 solo 2 ast) There is Beason and Connor but there’s also Anderson; filling in for Davis (out for year) should continue to see tons of opportunity to rack up tackles and create turnovers, definite bye week spot start and could become a LB2 LB3 starter.
  5. NICK COLLINS (S) –PACKERS: week 2 (8 solo 1 ast 1 pass def) the injuries to GBP secondary and Woodson not getting any younger, Collins is the playmaker in the backfield, Collins is a must pick up in deep leagues or leagues with big rosters and a lot of IDP starters.
  6. SEAN WEATHERSPOON (LB) –FALCONS: week 2 (7 solo 1 ast 1 sack) another rookie whose making a name for himself in the IDP world, playing alongside Lofton doesn’t hurt.  This guy should be owned in all leagues and still surprised he’s avail in a ton of leagues, I ask myself why?
  7. BRANDON SILER (LB) –CHARGERS: week 2 (6 solo 1 int 1 pass def) not a big named guy, but with Butler out for the year Siler will continue to see action.  Siler is a nice spot start and someone to keep an eye on since he’s going to be the one covering the middle of the field (int and pass def stats).
  8. SEAN CONSIDINE (S) –JAGUARS: week 2 (7 solo 3 ast) Pops up on the pick up list once again as he’s the lone secondary Jaguar to own, the turnovers will come but his tackles are there and will continue to rack up tackles.
  9. STEVE GREGORY (S) –CHARGERS: week 2 (8 solo 5 ast) Gregory surprised me, didn’t expect this type of numbers from him the first 2 weeks.  As long as he’s starting alongside Weddle he’ll get plenty opportunity to deflect passes and rack up tackles.
  10. NATE ALLEN (S) –EAGLES: week 2 (4 solo 1 int 1 pass def) another rookie taking charge in this list. Don’t rely heavily on his tackles, as he’s minimal there but pick him up for his int’s and pass deflections, as he’ll continue to see a lot of that.

Notes: From last week, as I mentioned a hot-add being Derrick Johnson, he was the #1 waiver pick up in all leagues with Chung and Bryan Thomas right behind him.  Good Luck in week 3 and I’ll have my week 3 rankings posted soon.


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