Week 2 : Jacksonville @ San Diego Game Preview

“Bounce back game for them BOLTS”


This will be San Diego’s first home game of the season and their looking to get their crowd going and take out some frustration on their opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Past MNF game, the Chargers looked lost, they looked as if it were still preseason; which could be fine because it’s just week 1 and they do dominate during the months of November and December; that’s not the point though.  Kansas City made San Diego look slow and as if they were the lower team in the AFC West and Kansas City was going to take away the AFC West crown from them.  Lucky for the Chargers not much speed they’d have to worry about in this game, as their main worry would be one Maurice Jones-Drew.

Everyone knows you can run on San Diego, so should see a lot of MJD on Sunday; as it’ll be difficult for Garrard to get any type of passing game going, especially if their WR1 Mike Sims-Walker has another doughnut in the stat sheet.  This will definitely be a bounce back game for Rivers and company, as Rivers should take advantage of a young suspect secondary with no proven cornerback.  ALL SYSTEMS go with every Chargers you’d start, Rivers, Mathews, Gates, Floyd, and Naanee.

The outcome of the game has San Diego written all over it, and it won’t be close.  Too much fire power on San Diego to not score at least 30 in this one, Jacksonville young on defense will have a hard time containing the air show provided by Philip Rivers, therefore the end result will be…




  • PHILIP RIVERS: (25-30 pts) I have him ranked as my #1 QB for week 2; he should easily give fantasy owners and fans a game we’d expect. He needs to show everyone he doesn’t need VJAX to succeed. (QB1)
  • RYAN MATHEWS: (15-22 pts) Look for the rook to get established early and show his worth, he had a tough time at Kansas City but getting 120 total yards and 1 touchdown isn’t asking for much. (RB2)
  • ANTONIO GATES: (13-20 pts) Will continue to be Rivers go-to-guy as he’s a mismatch for anyone out there, will have many opportunities this game and he’ll make his owners happy. (TE1)
  • LEGEDU NAANEE: (9-15 pts) Naanee is a PPR stud, I don’t think he’s under the radar now and with VJAX continuing to be out, Naanee will continue to shine, definitely start this week as your WR3
  • MALCOM FLOYD: (10-17 pts) didn’t get many opportunities last week, but he has the hands and height to put up numbers.  It’ll happen this week, as he should find a lot of open space. Borderline WR2, top WR3 start this week.
  • Darren Sproles: (6-11 pts) Sproles is a start if your league rewards for return yards as that’ll be the lone category he’ll reward you big on.  Sproles had a rough one against the Chiefs but he’ll rebound this game and lets hope he makes a splash in the special teams department.


  • MAURICE JONES-DREW: (14-24 pts) coming off a mediocre game against the Broncos, MJD will look to get it going and he should be able to find the end zone in this game, at least once. (RB1)
  • DAVID GARRARD: (11-15 pts) in a 2QB league he’s a must start but in regular 10-12 team leagues leave him on the bench unless you have no better option as Jacksonville should look to the run in this one.
  • MIKE SIMS-WALKER: (0-9 pts) will he put up another doughnut for his owners? I find it easy to say yes because he’ll be covered by Jammer all game, some are going to start him for a possibility he’ll get some decent numbers.  Find better options if you have em, WR3 option.
  • MIKE THOMAS: (6-11 pts) if you own him, you can start him as a WR3 if you’re in a PPR league as he’ll get you receptions and yards but tone down on touchdowns.  (WR3/Flex)
  • MERCEDES LEWIS: (5-10 pts) what a week 1 for Lewis, 2 catches 2 touchdowns, don’t expect that kind of numbers this game, keep him on your bench unless you’re in a deep league and you NEED to start him.  You’ll be more disappointed than satisfied from his numbers.

All my projections and reviews are based on PPR leagues because that should be the only type of league you play, good luck in week 2.


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