Week 1 MNF Games Thoughts


defensive game almost to a perfection, both teams fought hard, physical, rough, “hard knocks” hitting but at the end of the day the Ravens had the last laugh.  Flacco wasnt great but he looked ok, next week against CIN i expect to open up the pass more with DoubleR having a better game.  Boldin looked nice, and for those who started him, yall reaped the reward! Ravens still have that defense that intimidates you, may have a weak secondary but their front 7 can get to the QB so it balances out.  NYJ on the other hand has issues on offense, proclaimed super bowl pick in pre-season first of all you need to put up points on the board, different era different league as you can see most top teams have an elite QB, Sanchez is nowhere near that status yet.  Ray Lewis entering his 15th year still going strong, still an IDP stud as you can see from that hit he gave Keller, he still got it.


The 2nd game of the MNF doubleheader and i must say this one was a bit more exciting, regardless if my team was playing or not.  The KCC rookies did a tremendous job tonight, McCluster, Arenas, Moeaki to name a few opened up some eyes and popped up on people’s fantasy radars!! Jamaal did a decent job, but memo to Coach Haley, feed your best player the ball more than 9 carries in the game, dude is electric! Rivers looked good than bad than ugly then back to good as the weather dried up.  Naanee was not a surprise, i was expecting numbers similar to that, mathews looked decent at times, still a rookie im not worried.

Overall it was a very interesting week 1, some upsets if you want to call them that, and some fantasy surprises as well.  I’m just glad football is back!


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