1. JULIUS PEPPERS – CHI – VS DET – Questionable offensive line, and you know Bears are going to put Peppers in best situation to get to Stafford.
  2. JUSTIN TUCK – NYG – VS CAR – Healthy now and with possibly no Otah for Carolina would mean a great day for Tuck.  He CAN get to the QB if he wants to.
  3. TERRELL SUGGS – BAL – @ NYJ – Suspect secondary may ask Suggs to do a little bit of everything from getting to the QB to dropping back into coverage.
  4. OSI UMENYIORA – NYG – VS CAR – playing with a chip on his shoulder, opposite Tuck equals to an easy time getting to Moore; I’m sure you remember his 6 sacks against McNabb?
  5. DARNELL DOCKETT – ARI – @ STL – just hope signing that new contract doesn’t ruin his motivation.  Should easily put up numbers against the Rams, he’ll get to Bradford once or twice.
  6. KYLE VANDEN BOSCH – DET – @ CHI – reunited with Swartz, an improving front four, Vanden Bosch can only help, he may have lost a step but he’ll get to Cutler with the Bears suspect offensive line.
  7. DWIGHT FREENEY – IND – @ HOU – provides decent amount of tackles for an End and will get to Schaub at least once in this game.
  8. MARIO WILLIAMS HOU – VS IND – He’s getting better each year and although tough to get to Peyton, it’s not impossible and a good run stopper as well. 
  9. CHRIS LONG – STL – VS ARI – should be a big improvement this year; week 1 will be a start of a great year for Long.  Will hassle Anderson all game long and will help in the run game.
  10. JARED ALLEN – MIN – @ NOS – a lock for 14+ sacks year in year out and will be hard to get to Brees but Allen can help in other categories as well.
  11. JOHN ABRAHAM – ATL – @ PIT – no Big Ben, injured offensive line, Batch at QB all says a good week for Abraham.  He should easily get to Batch at least twice.
  12. JACOB FORD – TEN – VS OAK – under the radar and with Oakland’s offensive line, Ford can get to Campbell and the backs easily, he’ll cause havoc all game.
  13. CALAIS CAMPBELL – ARI – @ STL – Sleeper this year with impressive numbers, missed opportunities last year but with Dockett alongside him, no double-teams and an easier time getting to Bradford.
  14. JUSTIN SMITH – SF – @ SEA – facing a questionable offensive line in Seattle, Smith should rebound this year and week 1 is a start; look for him to get to Hasselback a few times.
  15. CLIFF AVRIL – DET – @ CHI – playing opposite Vanden Bosch can only make life easier for Avril as his speed should create pressure and cause Cutler to make mistakes.
  16. GERALD MCCOY – TBB – @ CLE – 3rd overall pick should make an immediate impact as he faces the Browns.  Look for more tackles than sacks early on, and possibly a few turnovers.
  17. BRANDON GRAHAM – PHI – VS GBP – Graham has been causing mayhem during training camp and who better to show it off to than Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.  Opposite Cole, Graham should get pressure on Rodgers into forcing some throws.
  18. EVERETTE BROWN – CAR – @NYG – Taking over Peppers, Brown can finally showcase his talent.  With NYG run game, Brown should find himself with a few tackles and possibly a sack on Eli.
  19. NDAMUKONG SUH – DET – @ CHI – If what he did to Delhomme and the Browns in pre-season is any indication of what’s to come? Well if I were the Bears offensive line, I’d be scared.  Suh will cause terror in the interior of the line and lets hope he doesn’t rip Cutlers head off.
  20. WILL SMITH – NOS – VS MIN – Smith should give you a few tackles and get to Favre at least once in this match-up as shown last year in the playoffs, Saints were rushing hard against Favre. 

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