You got Nnamdi and Woodson then Revis are probably the first 3 names that come to mind when you talk shutdown corners or playmakers at the cornerback position.  I’m about to make you realize you’re forgetting or in the need to know of one soon to be top defensive back in the NFL.  His last name is what we give our wives or girlfriends but to us it means championship; I’d like to introduce you to Brandon Flowers cornerback of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Battling injuries his first 2 years in the league; looking full strength now and is on the verge of bursting into the scene.

Flowers is an excellent tackler, has increased his interceptions in his first 2 years and with continued opportunities coming his way with an improving secondary can only mean an increase in stats.  Flowers may not rack up any sacks for you but gives you points in the major categories you’d expect to excel at with the DB spot on your IDP Roster.  He provides tackles, int’s, and passes deflected; which is a lot.  Forcing fumbles and creating more turnovers will come as he grows and improves, don’t wait and see draft this guy and reap the benefits.  Majority of the IDP world doesn’t even know about this guy yet and you can be able to draft him in late rounds, as he’ll easily become a DB1 for you.

PROJ : 78 total tackles 8 interceptions 2 sacks 25 pass deflected 2 force fumble


2 thoughts on “MOVE OVER REVIS”

  1. very good BRAN – good real talk. question: i took Bengals D on draft day, but still considering making early season trade for NYG D. it was between these two during draft, but i believe NYG secondary is weak. Bengals D looks better re: schedule but i want to be sure. What does the BranSwami think?

    1. yo uncle pete, thanks. nah Bengals have a better defense than NYG but be aware it could be a shootout in new england come week 1

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