So it’s getting near the end of the draft round 8 is finished round 9 is nearly done and round 10 is nearing, you look at your roster and you know in your mind your starters are solid. You may already have 1 top notch bench player but now you’re stuck, you don’t know wheter to take a vet with consistency or a young player with high upside. Well my friends in the latter part of your draft when you’re trying to fill in your bench, you want to aim for potential and upside and not sure who to draft? well that’s where I come in and help you a bit, here are my top 5 sleepers at every position who could one day be an everyday starter or they’ve fallen off the radar and primed to make a comeback.

My Top 5 QB Sleepers

1). KEVIN KOLB (Eagles)

Kolb is like that action movie that’s been 3 years in the making and now it’s finally ready to be released. He already inherits an offense with everything in place, and a pass-friendly coach. Think Aaron Rodgers 2008, but with younger and better playmakers

PROJ – 3800yds 25tds 15int

2). CHAD HENNE (Dolphins)

Take away week 17 last year and Henne passed for 300+yds back to back, so he showed he’s capable of airing it out. Add in Brandon Marshall and his numbers will vastly improve in yards and TD’s. Keep in mind he faces Jets and Bills twice and still a run-first team, but keep him on your radar as he’ll be a nice spot start this year.

PROJ – 3600yds 21tds 15int

3). JASON CAMPBELL (Raiders)

Don’t knock em just because he joined the Raiders, he’s an accurate QB with a young WR Core and an underrated pass catching TE. Don’t expect numbers thru the roof but he gives Oakland light to put JaMarcus nightmares behind them. Expect similar numbers, so spot start for now

PROJ – 3300yds 19tds 11ints

4). ALEX SMITH (49ers)

Have we finally seen the light for this former no.01 pick? 49ers have only boosted his confidence by drafting 2 OL, and the emergence of Vernon Davis and Crabtree at training camp, makes Alex a credible QB2 in any league. He threw for 18tds in only 11gms imagine a full 16.

PROJ – 3400yds 23tds 14int

5). MATT CASSEL (Chiefs)

Consider an upgrade for him at the offensive coordinator spot, and will benefit from Weis play calling and scheme. Bowe seems to be back on the right track and the run game is back, I believe he goes back on alot of peoples radars and can be good for a few starts.

PROJ – 3300yds 20tds 15int

My Top 5 RB Sleepers

1). MICHAEL BUSH (Raiders)

He’ll likely compete with Run DMC for carries but I believe he’s the better of the two, he can run thru tackles and everyone forgot just how good this guy was back at Louisville, he should easily gain goaline/redzone touches and should amass 10tds on the ground, and if given the carries he has the potential to be Oaklands first 1000yd rusher in a while.

PROJ – 270 carries 1105yds 11total tds

2). JUSTIN FORSETT (Seahawks)

He’s been off and on the sleeper radar and now with Lendale gone he’s back on it. He shown last year he’s capable of being an all around RB, sure he lacks size but like MJD makes up for it everywhere else. He should surpass Julius Jones and Leon Washington easily or get at least 70% of the touches.

PROJ – 220carries 1500total yds 7tds


Caddy’s has made a name for himself back in 05′ but never seemed to remain healthy. He’s finally looking healthy and should be back on your radars as a nice flex/spot start. Young Passing Game so they’ll rely on the run more and Ward will steal some carries but Cadillac is clear cut RB1 in Tampa, Expect flirtation with 1000yds and a handful of tds

PROJ – 240carries 980yds 6tds / 35rec 270yds 2tds

4). ARIAN FOSTER (Texans)

Despite the drafting of Ben Tate and Slaton recovery, Foster made of name of himself the last few weeks of the season in 09′ and worked with 1st team offense all thru OTA’s. Expect a RBBC with Ben Tate with Foster gaining most of the yards and keep in mind Texans offense is potent, so ample opportunity to score

PROJ – 190carries 925yds 6tds 36rec 360yds 2tds

5). TASHARD CHOICE (Cowboys)

When asked to step in when Felix or Barber are injured, he does a fantatic job. Easily a starter on another team but he’s the cowboys RB3. One gets injured, watch out Tashard is awaiting patiently his turn to shine, he has the speed and pass catching ability, for now consider him a handcuff to either Felix or Marion with upside

PROJ – 106carries 645yds 4tds


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