Its almost time for the Sunday Night Game and you and your opponent both have all your offensive players done for the week and you’re currently down 7 points, you need this victory to make playoffs and who do you have left? Why your season will rely in the hands of Patrick Willis; this my friends is the atmosphere of an IDP League.

If you want to expand your Fantasy Football experience and enter a whole new world, IDP Leagues is the road you’d want to take.  IDP leagues tweaks your draft strategy just a little bit, and the intensity it brings when you must draft an individual defensive player rather than an entire team defense.  I know when I play in leagues that draft a team defense I really dont pay attention to what they’re doing during games, now that I’ve adapted to IDP Leagues you pay attention to both sides of the ball and a lot more points are accumalated from the defensive players. If you’re like me, you love high scoring leagues. The added points from IDP’s adds more fuel to the fire. There is no better feeling then beating an opponent with your defensive players instead of your offensive starters; its added bragging rights if you ask me.

Now say you joined an IDP league and this would be your first time ever, I bet you the first question that comes to mind is; when do i draft a defensive player?

Well this is where I come in and help you out with that.  In all of my IDP league drafts the earliest I’ve seen someone draft an IDP is about round 8 or 9 after you feel confident in your offensive starters. It also depends on league scoring as well. Usually you are awarded 3 points a sack, 2 points an int, and 1 pt per tackle. Those are the basics. Add in forced fumbles, passes deflected and assisted tackles and we have a whole new ball game.

Patrick Willis has been the best IDP player the past 2 years and 9 times out of 10 he’s the first IDP taken in drafts. If he’s the IDP you want, I say round 8, maybe even 7 if you’re satisfied with your first 6 picks and willing to sacrifice 1 round for defense. Patrick Willis is just that good. Another thing you need to know is that inebackers are like running backs. You want to target them early and often because like running backs, they’re near the ball just about every play. Also, a majority are the leaders on defense and linebackers rack up the most tackles. So if I were you, I’d target linebackers first then follow it up with a stud defensive end or two because that position is a lot more shallow than linebackers and defensive backs.  Safeties are another position to target because they too rack up high tackle numbers and can create alot of turnovers. Lastly, with defensive backs, the house hold names like Terrance Newman (CB-Cowboys) tend to not put up numbers worthy of starting; you’re going to want to target defensive backs that get thrown to alot and have a better chance of making a play.

The last thing I’ll say is, don’t reach for an IDP. There’s 11 defensive players per team and that’s A LOT of players to choose from. As long as your confident with your offensive lineup you’re drafting, take an IDP and you’ll thank them later when you need an important victory one week and they come through for you. So what are you waiting for? Find an IDP league and try it! Once you go IDP,0 you’re never going D/ST ever again. With that in mind, good luck this season and happy drafting!


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