I came up with these 20 BOLD predictions based on what I’ve seen year in year out, what I’d like to see and based on upside and players potential and/or current scheme with team and how all is progressing.  Lets have some fun shall we?

1. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson a top 3 WR and amass 15 touchdowns

He’s been hurt too much, had to many questions, wondering if he’ll never reach his potential.  I brush that off to the side and say this, Calvin FINALLY has some stability at QB; Stafford is making huge strides in only his 2nd year and lets face it; Calvin is just a freak of nature, talent alone one of the best in the league.  I say he stays healthy all year; added weapons on offense and built chemistry with Stafford will result in what will be Calvin’s biggest year yet.

2. Pierre Thomas ends up in top 10 RB

Mike Bell is gone, Reggie Bush is no threat to Pierre’s job and both Lynell Hamilton and PJ Hill are lost for the season.  Bett’s will not hurt Pierre’s value at all; he’s currently being taken late 3rd early 4th in drafts; in which could turn into value.  Pierre has a 5.4 ypc avg, Coach Payton give this guy the ball.

3. Jermichael Finley is Fantasy’s #1 Tight End

Soft hands, fast, and built a rapport with Rodgers with a potent offense, barring any kind of injury I see Finley becoming Fantasy’s Best at the Tight End spot.  Putting up Clark-like numbers is not impossible, Finley could easily have a 90rec 900-1100yds 10+ td type of season; because Packers offense just scores.  Finley is also a monster target in the redzone and endzone so I see no less than 10 touchdowns for this beast.

4. Aaron Rodgers throws for 40 touchdowns, totaling 46 for the year

Rodgers has become one of the most sought after Quarterbacks in fantasy the past 2 years; he has the weapons and is in a pass friendly offense scheme.  I have him ranked #1 overall at seasons end and having beat the #2 fantasy QB by an astounding 90 points, which could be a difference of 4-5 points a week.  Lasting impression was the playoff shootout between GBP and ARI and if that’s anything to fall back on, well Rodgers is your man.

5. Mike Williams (TBB) produces an 1100yd 8touchdown season

Already looking like a 4th round steal in the NFL Draft; Williams has done nothing but impress since day 1 and it’ll just carry on into the regular season.  He’s not fast but he has good hands and is a big target for Freeman, primed to make some noise; already Tampa’s WR1 and will create havoc for opposing defensive backs.

6. Eli Manning is a top 5 QB at seasons end

2009 was a career year for Eli, increasing stats across the board, has a young and soon to be dangerous WR corps at his disposal; with a questionable running game and a big contract you’d know NYG would want Eli to keep throwing.  No reason why Eli cant surpass 4000yds passing once again all the while flirting with 30 touchdowns.

7. Michael Bush has a total of 1500yds and 11touchdowns

Michael is a bruiser and a lot of people forgot what he did at Louisville before his knee injury.  Back in 05’ he rushed for 23 scores, and his build is a perfect fit to Run DMC’s speed.  Posting a 4.8 ypc avg to go along with a much improved passing attack, Michael Bush should excel this year.

8. Pierre Garcon scores more fantasy points than Reggie Wayne

I realize I’m going to get a lot of heat for this, and I’am not dogging Wayne’s ability but Garcon was Peyton’s favorite WR throughout the playoffs and any indication it should lead thru the 2010 season, Garcon is the fastest amongst the Indy WR’s, has soft hands and gained Peyton’s trust. This is just the beginning for Garcon.

9. Jacoby Jones is a top 30 WR

Jacoby scored 6 touchdowns last year; which it was more than Boldin, Welker, Owens, and Jennings to name a few.  He’s definitely a redzone target for Schaub, size similar to Andre’s stature.  Having a fantastic off-season and looking to surpass Walters as the WR2; will face single coverage and in one of the top offenses in the league.

10. Ryan Mathews is a top 5 RB

Yes he’s a rookie, true he’s not the most talented RB that came out of the draft but the situation he got put into is just too good to by pass.  He does have big shoes to fill; but he’ll create his own legacy and his one cut ability will help.  Already looking good in OTA’s and pre-season, nobody is threatening his job and is in a high scoring unit.

11. Matthew Stafford throws for 25 TD’s and is 11th ranked QB

Lions are committed to Stafford, has a bunch of playmakers around him now.  Has had an excellent off-season so far and has been looking good in pre-season.  Looks like Calvin and Stafford developed a chemistry that’ll cause problems for the opposing defenses real soon.

12. Clinton Portis ends up a top 20 RB

Yes he will be 30 this year, but I believe he has enough left in the tank to succeed one more time. He is reunited with Shannahan and a passing game that’ll be improved.  Larry Johnson and Willie Parker are on the roster bubble, so Portis could get more touches.  Portis will be rejuvenated and motivated this year as many has forgotten about this man.

13. Tashard Choice scores more points than Felix and Marion

Tashard is easily a starter on any other team in the league.  When he gets his opportunities he takes advantage of them, he’s electric thru the line and has an itch to get big yards.  Choice easily average’s at least 5 yards per carry, give this guy the ball! Plus Felix and Marion both cannot stay healthy, so Choice will have plenty of chances to shine.

14. Bernard Scott has more points than Benson

In the 2 games he started for Benson, granted it was OAK and CLE, Scott showed flashes that he can be the feature back. Yes Benson found some life last year but c’mon its Benson, and in Bernard’s 2nd year he should see an expanded role and anything happens to Benson, Scott’s in for a huge year.

15. Jamaal Charles becomes a top 5 RB

I like to call him Chris Johnson lite because this kid’s acceleration and elusiveness is unbelievable.  He can score from anywhere on the field, and has great outside speed.  Yes Thomas Jones is there but I wouldn’t be too worried about him as Haley will realize Charles is the main guy and needs to be on the field playing.  Improving offense and new offensive coordinator that should open up the pass, will open up the running lanes and will put up a monster year.

16. Chris Cooley becomes a top 5 Tight End

Cooley is slipping in drafts due to emergence of Fred Davis last year, and many people forgot Cooley was injured.  Don’t be a fool and miss out on drafting Cooley; he will be McNabb’s security blanket and a chance to be most targeted receiver out of the bunch.  We all know McNabb loves his Tight Ends and Cooley is arguably the most talented one he’s had.  Where Cooley is getting drafted is value.

17. Hakeem Nicks vaults into the top 20 WR

Nicks is probably the most talented WR on the NYG roster, coming into his own in his 2nd year he should enter the top 20 (where he’s being drafted) and not look back.  He has the size and speed to crack the top 20; he just has to continue to build a rapport with Eli.  Nearly 18 yards after catch is remarkable, and if he can stay healthy he should surpass Steve Smith as NYG WR1.

18. Vince Young is a top 15 Quarterback

Let’s face it, Young is a winner, he has a 26-13 win/loss record as a starter and if last year was any indication he’s going to improve across the board.  He has a strong running game and a young play-making WR corps at his disposal.   He will easily surpass his career totals of 2600 yds and 12 tds; and what helps is his running ability himself and he’s learned how to manage the game.  2010 lookout for Vince Young, he’s going to surprise.

19. Malcom Floyd cracks the top 20

Malcom will take advantage of Vincent Jackson’s missed time, with the benefit of building chemistry with Rivers.  Floyd has the height (6’5) and a deep threat (17.2 ypc) and it helps he has a QB who loves to throw the jump ball and is an accurate deep ball thrower.  There are enough weapons on SDC offense to key away from Floyd and 2010 will be his best season yet.  Currently is being drafted as the 7th best WR, so you know you’ll get value when you draft him.

20. Jerricho Cotchery will be NYJ #1 WR

It’s true that Braylon and Santonio are more talented than Cotchery, but Cotchery is whom Sanchez trusts and looks for when in need of a 1st down.  Has only missed 3 games past 5 years, just a possession WR but great route runner and gets those tough yards (Boldin lite); though only one 1000yd year to this date, he’ll get his numbers this year and will be a nice WR2 you’d probably get as a WR3.

Just remember these are my BOLD predictions which some can come true, some seem out of reach or nothing you’ve heard of before or maybe I’m just ridiculous but this is a fun topic, yet doesn’t seem that easy.  Good Luck in all your drafts and looking forward to an excellent 2010 NFL Season.


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